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Darksky – Where Angels Hide


Style: Progressive Metal



1. Memento

2. The Door

3. The Colour Of Dreams

4. A Way Out For The Sinner

5. Lightstorm

6. Peaceful Place

7. Lex Aeterna

8. The Last Rose

9. Fatal Frame

Italian female-fronted progressive metal outfit DARKSY have been kicking around since 1997, in an odd move for a band, between then and now they have only released three E.P’s and no full-length albums. It’s not very often that a band waits thirteen years to release their first album, but I guess DARKSKY wanted to make sure everything was right first.

Generally speaking it has been worth the wait as the band do sound very organized and the songwriting is well above the average of debut albums from other bands in the prog metal genre. There are a few other elements mixed in to the album also, with a big dose of Symphonic Metal and a touch of Melodic Metal to boot, which gives the album some variety and ensures that when the progressive elements come into play they really stand out above whatever else is going on.

Vocalist ALIS has quite a unique voice, with a nice combination of smooth goth metal style vocals and some harder edge rockier vocals that seems to come in sporadically and are always well-timed.

MEMENTO and LIGHTSTORM are both great songs that are certainly steeped in progressive metal, but not too much so that they are hard to follow, mainly just some odd time signatures and small things like that. The real highlight of the album for me however, was the haunting prog ballad THE LAST ROSE, a haunting vocal line that sings a fantastically moving lyric, topped off with some awesome minimalistic progressive grooves makes for a stand-out song that is almost worth the admission price on its own.

It’s nice to finally have a full recording from DARKSKY and all I can say is I hope it’s not as long of a wait until the next album.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee   8/10

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