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Hungry Heart – Ticket to Paradise

Released by Tanzan Music / Fastball

Release Date: June 18th, 2010

Genre: Melodic Rock


Line Up:

Josh Zighetti (Lead Vocal)

Mario Percudani (Guitar and Background Vocal)

Steve Lozzi (Bass and Background Vocal)

Paolo Botteschi (Drums and Background Vocal)


1. Stand up

2. One Ticket To Paradise

3. Let Somebody Love You

4. Boulevard Of Love

5. A Million Miles Away

6. Angela

7. Love Is The Right Way

8. Let’s Keep On Tryin’

9. Just A Little Closer

10. Get Lost

11. Man In The Mirror

12. You Won’t Be Alone

The Italian melodic rock group Hungry Heart’s 2nd full length release “Ticket To Paradise” has a more mature and evolved atmosphere in contrast to their previous debut work. The band’s actually debuted quite well in 2008 when they released they’re self titled debut album but the truth was that some of the material on the debut was lacking some fresh originality.  Regardless of what was lacking on the original, their second offering feels more like a complete effort. The more polished sound helps to distinguish some songs from mere copycat of just another aor/melodic rock outfit in what is quickly becoming a cluster of bands in this genre.

The title track is actually a good highlight for the band, as it’s quick churn pace tops over the not so impressive opening track. The speed racing rocker “Boulevard of Love” is nicely presented with quite a festive vibrant riff and a more anthem laden vocal lines displayed throughout.  This track eminent tone reminds me of recent material from H.E.A.T as there is a little sleaze hard rock feel to in it’s preface. “Just  A Little Closer” cuts way with a quintessential bravado and a terrific guitar lead at the forefront. I suggest you listen closely to “Get Lost’ which might be the go to track you’ll end up replaying over and over again with it’s addictive hook.

Everything you will hear here has been exhausted by other bands in the same genre, but such is the case one can only hope to improve on previous efforts, so from this perspective Hungry Heart succeeds. If opinion counts then for me the band’s more faster pace songs actually come across more interesting then the more laid back melodic approach, which reminds me of a latter day Harem Scarem. Musicianship is top notch as you would expect from this type of music and if Italy’s  love affair with this genre will certainly increase with acts like Hungry Heart getting better and better each release that passes. Go check them out!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  7/10

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