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Leonardo – Armageddon

Released by: Heart of Steel OUT NOW!!

Style: Neo-Classical Power Metal


Line Up:

Vocals & Guitar – Ivan D. Milcic

Bass – Ivan Stankovic

Drums – Srdjan Duzdevic

Keyboards – Milan Milcic


1. Armageddon Has Come**

2. I Still Believe

3. Crusade

4. Set My Heart On Fire

5. I Can’t Live Without You**

6. Renaissance Affair

7. Shelter In The Night**

8. Gone Too Far

9. Dogs Of War**

10. Save Me**

11. Awakening

Neo-Classical Power Metal releases are a dime a dozen these days and more often than not they are interchangeable with each other and a majority of them are disappointments. With this knowledge, I must admit I was a little hesitant before listening to ARMAGEDDON.

Well, I can gladly say that my hesitation was unnecessary and I was pleasantly surprised by what LEONARDO had to offer. The Neo-Classical vibe is in full-swing on this album and I could definitely hear inspiration from guys like YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE and STRATOVARIUS. The guitar playing throughout the album borders on the virtuoso and IVAN D MILCIC could just well be one of the frontrunners of a new generation of classically inspired shred masters.

The fact that he also does the lead vocals on the album really is quite amazing, even though sometimes his thick accent is a little much for me personally (The band is from Serbia to be fair) for the most part I really can’t fault his vocal output. Maybe if anything his lower register isn’t quite as good as his high register, which is something that is really noticeable on the song I STILL BELIEVE.

I really enjoyed the mega-ballad I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU which made me feel like getting my lighter out of my pocket and waving it around. Songs like SHELTER IN THE NIGHT, DOGS OF WAR and SAVE ME are almost equals to some of the best music the genre has to offer, and one can only imagine the potential this entails when you consider that this is only LEONARDO’S second album. I will be keeping an eye on these guys as I feel that with a bit more experience they could just well become one of the future leaders of the Neo-Classic Power Metal movement. I recommend you do the same.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee   8/10

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