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The Storys – Luck

Released by: Angel Air 7th MAY 2010

Style: Westcoast AOR



1. Everybody Wants You To Make It

2. Daylight Calls Again

3. Burning Sun

4. California

5. Please Come Home

6. She’ll Never Do That

7. Take All The Time That You Need

8. Long Way Up

9. Paper Plane

10. Before I Fall

11. All Inside

Up until I received this album for review, I have to ashamedly admit that I had never heard of THE STORYS at all. Upon reading up on the band I found out that they had only been in circulation since 2003, and they are now hanging up the boots, making LUCK their goodbye album.

And you know what? It totally sucks to discover a band this great at the end of their tenure rather than the beginning as I think THE SORYS would have been a band I would have followed quite closely had I discovered them earlier.

The style of music the band play is easiest described as Westcoast AOR, but there are many more elements that make up the total including some soft rock a-la bands like THE EAGLES, RICHARD MARX and even some BEATLES similarities in small smatterings.

The main similarities are shared with THE EAGLES, and the fact that the band features four excellent lead vocalists goes a long way to establishing that.

DAYLIGHT CALLS AGAIN is a great soft-rock track that flits between HOTEL CALIFORNIA era EAGLES and TUMBLEWEED era ELTON JOHN with ease, and oozes more class than a lot of bands can muster throughout a whole album. CALIFORNIA is another classy track that reminded me of soft rock Aussie band TAXIRIDE, who coincidentally also featured four able bodied vocalists. TAKE ALL THE TIME THAT YOU NEED was my clear album highlight, and while still staying true to the bands Westcoast roots, has a modern and commercial sound that should be being played on radio for sure. The album ends on the slow, brooding piano ballad ALL INSIDE that is a real showcase for the vocals of STEVE BALSAMO.

If you are a fan of the softer side of rock, or like me, just like to listen to something cruisy every now and then to give the eardrums a break, LUCK has so much going for it that is almost a damn classic.

Once again I must say that I am saddened by the fact that THE STORYS have called it a day, because it is a rare commodity in this day and age to find bands that spit out pure class as easily as these guys do. Also highly recommended for fans of the BAMBOO BROTHERS.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee   9/10

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