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Darkseed – Poison Awaits

Released by Massacre Records

Released on July 23rd, 2010

Genre: Gothic Metal



Line Up:

Harald Winkler – Vocals

Thomas Herrmann – Guitars

Tom Gilcher – Guitars

Armin Doerfler – Keyboards

Maurizio Guolo – Drums

Michael Behnke – Bass


1. Roads

2. Incinerate

3. Poison Awaits

4. Seeds Of Sorrow

5. All Is Vanity

6. Black Throne

7. A Dual Pact

8. Torn To Shatters

9. No Promise In The Heavens

10. Striving For Fire

11. Timeless Skies

12. King In The Sun

13. The Demon Within (Digipak bonus)

14. Comptine D Un Autre Ete (Digipak bonus)

The German Gothic outfit  have returned to the scene with their latest offering “Poison Awaits”.  Not my favorite genre when it comes to metal, as there has always been just a few bands that distinguished themselves from the crows, none the less Darkseed has developed a nice following through the years. As we all know the music is very atmospheric which is fine in spots but often can seem forced and redundant at times. Darkseed is lead by guitarist Thomas Herrmann and the return of their original vocalist Harald Winkler.  Even though the band like any other band has undergone changes in their music and line up, the structure was kept alive by Hermann as they decided to return with their latest release.

One of the things you will notice here is that the sounds have evolved a bit, leaning hand more on a technical industrial sound then on previous efforts. The keyboards are used more electronically with a focus on the synthesizers to open some of the tracks. A good example of this is in songs “Incinerate” and “Roads”. The guitar lead in “A Dual Pact” is pretty good as is more straight forward Gothic metal and throws away the electronic stuff. The title track is particularly interesting as it’s shoot and run rhythm runs circles around the chorus.

Not sure how some fans will take their latest work as it really eliminates any dark growls and traits that the band was known for. For me personally I just scratched that out of the surface and listen to the album as a clean slate, I try really hard to get a good vibe from it, but apart from being just average Gothic metal I don’t see anything that breaks any new ground or stands out apart from a few tracks. Most of the tracks sound the same and it may feel to forced by some fans likings.. It seems that they tried to sound like latter day Sentenced , sort of a Death and Roll without the dark vocal atonement.  This is one I must advice you preview before you buy even as a fan of the band.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  6/10

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