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Ashtones – Mainline Rockets


Style: Punk Rock



1. She Goes Commando

2. That Greasy Spell

3. Ace Of Slut

4. The Biggest Prick

5. Hammersmith Palais

6. We’re Gonna Build This Town on R & R

7. Dead Skin

8. Blonde Danger

9. 98th Street Fast Boys

10. So Bored With The USA

11. Shit In My Blood

In my time of listening to and reviewing music, I must say I haven’t heard many English language bands hailing from France, but if this is the sort of stuff they have got going on over there at the moment I’m going to have to chase up some more bands.

ASHTONES play a very simplistic iteration of dirty punk rock, that makes no compromise and will rock your bones all the way through to the end of the album, taking influence from the punk bands to come before them, I can hear bits of SEX PISTOLS and THE RAMONES mixed with a bit of the latter day punk rock sounds of bands like RANCID and BAD RELIGION.

The music itself is of the typical three-chord variety, but still manages to sound complete, I think the top-notch production is a big factor in this as not a lot of bands in the dirty punk genre bother getting their albums produced properly.

Songs like SHE GOES COMMANDO, THE BIGGEST PRICK, DEAD SKIN and the cover of SO BORED WITH THE USA are all songs that will make you want to get out the old denim jacket, cut your hair back into a Mohawk and smash a beer bottle over your best mates head.

Dirty back-street punk rock done convincingly, combined with a better than average production makes for a very fun album and MAINLINE ROCKETS has found a home in my car CD stacker and will undoubtedly stay there for a fair while yet. Very highly recommended for anyone that likes to take some time out from more serious music and just likes to rock out every now and then.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee   8/10

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