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Morre – Out There


Style: Modern Melodic Rock



1. The Moment

2. Brand New Tide

3. Playing With Fire

4. In My Vein

5. Under The Lights

6. Screaming Dream

7. Time Is Slipping Away

8. Times Are Changing

Coming out of Canada with all the ferocity of a tsunami comes new classy melodic rockers MORRE, who with their radio-friendly sound should surely be set to blow up big time real soon.

The music found on …OUT THERE definitely has a modern tinge to it, but also has all of the mentality and appeal of some of the great guitar bands of the past like CREAM, LED ZEPPELIN, PINK FLOYD and many others from that timeless period of classic rock music. I also heard some similarities the modern day stylings of melodic rock/AOR band TALL STORIES.

The overall feeling I got about the album was that it was very classy and should have mega-appeal to anyone that likes their music with some heart & soul mixed with the rockness.

The opening track THE MOMENT was a nice surprise for me and after a bit of a sitar sounding intro, the song goes into a great modern melodic rocker. Closing track TIMES ARE CHANGING was another highlight for me and had a bit of seventies prog-rock influence. IN MY VEIN also hooked me in with some great layered vocals and very moody lead guitar work.

…OUT THERE is an album that has been expertly written, virtouistically played and produced perfectly, and for a debut album I must admit it is truly breathtaking in places. The only negative thing I can say is that the album is a little short, coming in at only eight tracks it is almost bordering on E.P territory and I would have liked two or three more tracks in the vein of THE MOMENT to pad out the remainder of the release.

I’m not sure exactly who to recommend this to, so I’m going to suggest to anyone that reads this to at least check out the band’s myspace page and make up their own mind.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee   8/10

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