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Black Label Society – Order Of The Black

Released by E1 music

Genre: Pure Ripping Heavy Metal



Line Up:

Zakk Wylde – lead vocals, lead & rhythm guitars, piano

Nick Catanese – rhythm guitar

John DeServio – bass

Will Hunt – drums


01. Crazy Horse

02. Overlord

03. Parade Of The Dead

04. Darkest Days

05. Black Sunday

06. Southern Dissolution

07. Time Waits For No One

08. Godspeed Hell Bound

09. War Of Heaven

10. Shallow Grave

11. Chupacabra

12. Riders Of The Damned

13. January

To a casual fan Black Label Society better known as BLS has garner an almost cult status in popularity over the years. Most emphatically led by the dark and muddy distorted vocals of enigmatic wild man Zakk Wylde, who is not only a solid songwriter but a killer guitar player. The eerie comparisons to the prince of darkness Ozzy has been there all along since the band released their debut effort in “Sonic Brew” in 1999.  Being fixtures and constant staples on Ozzfest through the years pushed their music to a wider fan base as well, bu the band had being on hiatus for 4 years until their new release of “Order Of The Black” now set to be release on August 10, 2010.

A testament to the band has been the steady releases through the last 10 years, and to their credit the sound has remained pretty much the same. They stuck to one formula and pleased the fans that wanted to hear more from the band. So this release has been much anticipated by many metal heads around. The band’s first single “Parade Of The Dead”  has already been receiving some airplay all over the radio here in the USA, and apart from headlinig stage 2 of Ozzfest again this this, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY will headline the “Black Label Berzerkus” tour this fall. The two-month North American trek will feature CLUTCH, CHILDREN OF BODOM and 2CENTS, with the first two bands sharing the main support slot.

As far as the new music is concerned, well again it follows the same straight head, full steam plow dose of muddy distorted guitar heavy metal that they are known for. “Crazy Horse” and “Parade Of The Dead” are good examples of their sound, with thrashing guitar riffs melting down all over. I have always said that Zak’s has a good knack for writing power ballads and “Darkest Days” is yet another carefully constructed one that exposes his strong voice and helps the listener tone down for a bit. The gritty cannon ripple effect of  “Southern Dissolution” are well done, as the nasty guitar riff-fest pounds your head in a metal meltdown. The classy piano driven ballad of “Time Waits For No One” is another powerful hitter that displays once again Zak’s more soulful power, one of many in his arsenal. There’s actually a bit more softer rockers on this release then past one’s which is a good thing.

Of course this release will be chewed up by fans easily, furthermore the exposure of the band notorious touring  will keep on trucking  BLS’s following to wider places far and wide. As much as the health issues for Zakk came into question a while back, we can only hope he’s back stronger then ever this time around to kick everybody’s ass on tour. The new BLS is another chair kicking, brick slamming double dose of heavy metal as only they can dish out. This shouldn’t disappoint anyone and for those nay sayers that want to complaint about the voice similarities or the similar song structures over the years, well let’s face it, this is BLS this is what they sound like and will sound like until they decide not to make music anymore.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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