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Exit State – Death Of A Rockstar

Released by: KING PRAWN RECORDS 31st MAY 2010

Style: Modern Rock



01. Lost Beyond Belief

02. Out ‘till 3

03. Dominates Me

04. Death Of A Rockstar Part 1

05. Death Of A Rockstar Part 2

06. Bad Days

07. Dirty Intoxicated

08. I Know Where You Are

09. And She Said

It’s odd how it takes some bands a few albums to really refine their sound where other groups have their sound ready made from the start. EXIT STATE fall into the latter category with a modern rock style that is equally influenced by bands like FOO FIGHTERS and NICKELBACK, but also occasionally shows a harder edge that both of those bands lack.

The first thing that struck me about DEATH OF A ROCKSTAR was the interesting album cover that discreetly pays tribute to some of the fallen stars of the rock n roll genre. A lot of it is speculative but there is a few that are pretty easy to spot. For example a baby doll on the floor with money in front of it represents Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, a newspaper with the word JAILBREAK sprawled across it represents AC/DC’s Bon Scott, a pair of round sunglasses represents John Lennon, a pastel green fender strat represents Jimi Hendrix. There’s a few more and also probably some I didn’t recognize but it’s a very fun cover and one of my favourites of the year.

Being that this is a music review though, I guess I should get to the songs within. The opening track LOST BEYOND BELIEF, which by the way has been chosen to be on the soundtrack for the upcoming film CREEPSVILLE and is straight ahead modern rock track that would fit into any fm radio chart. Parts one and two of DEATH OF A ROCKSTAR show that the band have a few tricks up their sleeve and are both well written track musically and lyrically. BAD DAYS has already previously been offered as a single and an E.P both shows that it deserves to be a part of this album too as it’s surely the band’s most accessible song. A late highlight comes in closing track AND SHE SAID, a slow and brooding ballad that features a haunting vocal line that will chill your spine.

DEATH OF A ROCKSTAR is a great start for a band that seems destined for bigger and better things. There are a lot of new bands coming out in the modern rock genre lately, and when I listen to most of them they are instantly forgotten, but EXIT STATE have a certain something that appeals to me, and will surely appeal to large audience if the band gets enough exposure. For the band’s follow up album I would like to see a few more tracks in the mould of DEATH OF A ROCKSTAR and AND SHE SAID in place of some of the less interesting numbers like OUT TILL 3 and DIRTY INTOXICATED, which would really help to put this band in the majors.

Very Recommended.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee   7/10

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