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Guilty’s Law – Total Insanity


Syle: Melodic Power Metal



1. Into The abyss

2. Crusader

3. Rebirth

4. Generation Struck

5. Deadlyman

6. Behind The Mask

7. Total Insanity

8. Judgement Day

9. Silent Scream

10. Journey Beyond The Time

11. Conflict Called Evolution

Japan has been known in the past as a bit of an untapped market as far as metal goes. The main reason behind this from what I can gather is that a vast majority of Japanese bands that sing in English have terrible vocalists that may sound o.k to their homeland followers but do not come off as good to people that are used to the American and European accents that the genre is mainly known for.

The unwillingness to gamble a purchase from Japan is even stronger in the melodic power metal genre, especially when you realize just how many other bands fans of the style have to choose from these days. But as a few Japanese bands have taught us in the past, sometimes it’s at least worth looking into. Power Metal bands like CONCERTO MOON, SEX MACHINEGUNS, ARK STORM and GALNERYUS have all flown the Japanese flag in the past and have found a place as favorites of the genre for many people across the globe.

Enter GUILTY’S LAW, a new Japanese melodic power metal band hoping to travel the road carved out by their predecessors. Well, when I say new I mean that this is the band’s first full-length album release even though their history can be traced back to the early nineties. After spending many a year changing members to find the right mix and get the right sound, they finally released three demos in 2002, 2003 and 2004 respectively. Only recently have the band got organized enough to give us a full album, and TOTAL INSANITY is the result.

My first thoughts are that the album probably should have been a bit better considering how long the band have had to get it together, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth exploring.

Songs like GENERATION STRUCK, CONFLICT CALLED EVOLUTION and DEADLYMAN are all excellent powering tracks that bring back memories of the better days of HELLOWEEN and BLIND GUARDIAN, and while you can still hear the Asian accent of vocalist KUNIHIKO SAITOH, his English is quite good and for a vast majority of the album is singing in key even when the song calls for some very high pitch squealish vocals.

As we all know, power metal fans have so, so many options these days and a lot of them are hesitant to try new bands, but I think GUILTY’S LAW are certainly worth checking out and I will have my eye on them to see what the future brings for the band.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee   7/10

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