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Rage – Strings To A Web

Released by: Nuclear Blast

Released on: FEB 5th 2010

Genre: Progressive Power Metal


Line Up:

Vocals & Bass – Peavy Wagner

Guitar & Keys – Victor Smolski

Drums – André Hilgers


1. The Edge Of Darkness

2. Hunter And Prey

3. Into The Light

4. The Beggar..s Last Dime

5. Empty Hollow

6. Strings To A Web

7. Fatal Grace

8. Connected

9. Empty Hollow (Reprise)

10. Saviour Of The Dead

11. Hellgirl

12. Purified

13. Through Ages

14. Tomorrow Never Comes

2010 marks the 25th anniversary of RAGE, and to celebrate they have released their 19th studio album STRINGS TO A WEB. Searching through their back catalogue, you would be hard pressed to find a dud album amongst the lot, and thankfully STRINGS TO A WEB is no exception. As usual for RAGE, the album has a mixture of styles and is really hard to define into a genre, there’s enough moments of different styles that are spread far enough to keep most fans of metal and hard rock very pleased.

Usually when bands attempt to mix many styles together it comes off poorly, but RAGE have been doing this for years and have really shown their expertise on the new album. Guitarist Victor Smolski has really lifted this band since his joining, and matched with the very high quality versatile vocal chords of frontman Peavy Wagner it is obvious why these guys are so heralded in their homeland of Germany and abroad.

The album begins in typical RAGE fashion with EDGE OF DARKNESS, an upbeat power metal style song that features a surprisingly gloomy lyric. HUNTER AND PREY is an early highlight and sees the band delving into their love for old school thrash metal that ends up sounding a bit like late nineties era TESTAMENT. INTO THE LIGHT is a really chunky, meaty track that gives way for a melodic rock inspired chorus before delving back into the chugging.

The five songs that make up the EMPTY HOLLOW suite are the real meat and potatoes of the album, and let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint. All up the suite goes for 16 minutes, broken up into five pieces that all sound different from one another. This is where the band get to show of their progressive side, and fans of DREAM THEATER or SYMPHONY X will find a whole load to be pleased about in this section. The individual standout track of the album for though was SAVIOUR OF THE DEAD, a song that blends all of the different elements of the band into one and had one of the catchiest metal choruses of the year so far, this would be a great song to see played live as I can imagine a huge crowd singing along to this one for sure.

Once again, RAGE have snuck up from nowhere to release another stellar album that the fans are going to love.Any fan of metal needs to check this one out, and if for some bizarre reason you’ve never heard RAGE before, this album is as good a place to start as any.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee   8/10

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