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Rob Thompson – Dust

Released by: ANGEL AIR OUT NOW!!

Sytle: Soft Rock



1. Dust

2. Could You Come Around?

3. It All Makes Sense In The End

4. I Can’t Tune In

5. The Director’s Cut

6. Standing Still

7. Watching How All The Dust’s Drawn To The T.V

8. The Ending Credits

9. Dust (Radio Edit)

ROB THOMPSON may not be a name that is instantly recognizable to most of you, but those that do recognize the name will surely be highly anticipating his upcoming solo release DUST. For those unsure about who he is, let me do a little recap for you. Away from his new endeavor as a solo artist, he is also a member of one of South Wales most loved progressive soft rock bands THE STORYS. This particular project saw him sharing stages with the likes of ELTON JOHN, VAN MORRISON, SANTANA and also saw them sharing a stage with JOE WALSH, STEVE WINWOOD and BILL WYMAN. As if that wasn’t enough reason to take him seriously, he has also written a song for the teen T.V show ONE TREE HILL, also contributed a song to the Jason Statham hit movie THE BANK JOB, in which he also acted in a minor role.

As you can probably see, there is a lot of respect and admiration for the skills of ROB THOMPSON and it’s no wonder that his debut solo release is so highly anticipated. Aside from hole role as a songwriter and lead vocalist THOMPSON is also a very accomplished and original lead guitarist with a style and sound that is a bit like DAVID GILMOUR meets MARK KNOPFLER with a slight touch of CARLOS SANTANA. DUST does feature a significant amount of great guitar playing in this style, and that is the true highlight of the album. I do have a bit of a problem with the album though unfortunately and it’s all in relation to the vocal approach taken throughout. Don’t get me wrong, I think THOMPSON has a great, almost mesmerizing quality to his voice, but across the entire album he doesn’t use it as I would like to hear it.

His approach is very, very mellow and in at least half of the songs it sounds as though he is almost whispering the words rather than singing them loud enough to add some emotion to them. Unfortunately this is the case for virtually all of the album and the whole thing ends up sounding very drab any doesn’t have any lifts or real memorable vocal lines to speak of at all.

It really pains me to write anything negative about someone as skilled and revered as ROB THOMPSON, but the unfortunate thing with hearing so much music every day is that the ordinary stuff really stands out. Maybe I had too high expectations coming into the album as I’m sure many others will, but I just can’t look past the fact that it seems as though he couldn’t be bothered recording the vocals with any effort or style.

Fans of the man, and fans of THE STORYS should of course check it out, as there is still plenty of really nice guitar in the usual THOMPSON style and the general songwriting is very good, I just hope fans could look past the drab vocals better than I could.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee   6/10

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