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The compositions take the listener through many emotions and dynamics that touch the soul and the mind. "i think this album is by far our most diverse, fusing new...

Earmusic and top metal band kamelot team up for the release of the new studio album “poetry for the poisoned” worldwide (excluding japan and north america)

Earmusic, the international rock label of hamburg based entertainment group edel is proud to add one of the most important names of the international heavy rock scene to its artists roster. Kamelot will in fact release the new studio album “poetry for the poisoned” on earmusic/v2 music on september 13th 2010.

Kamelot is one of metal’s most unique, influential and prestigious acts to come along in decades. The group’s reputation among fans and media alike is marked by enthusiasm as well as esteem, with each of their eight studio albums to date surpassing its predecessor in terms of songwriting, production and commercial results. As one of the most difficult-to-categorize artists on the metal scene, kamelot are releasing their most insightful and ambitious album to date, “poetry for the poisoned”, proving once again they are invictus in the metal scene. Thomas youngblood and vocalist roy khan are joined by drummer casey grillo, keyboardist oliver palotai, and new bassist sean tibbets. Throughout the recent years, their releases have achieved cult status around the world, and “poetry for the poisoned” will once again raise the bar for others to follow. The ambitions of the band show no limits! The new studio album blends their trademark kamelot sound with new elements and a creation of musical art that will set a new standard in the genre. The compositions take the listener through many emotions and dynamics that touch the soul and the mind. “i think this album is by far our most diverse, fusing new ideas and elements along with the traditional kamelot sound and style that we have established over the years.” states kamelot’s guitarist thomas youngblood.

Recordings took place in the familiar gate studios in wolfsburg germany with producers sascha paeth and miro. Additional recordings were also done in tampa (florida) as well as various studios in sweden, greece and the us. “poetry for the poisoned” features guest artists simone simons (epica), gus g (ozzy, firewind), björn “speed” strid (soilwork) and jon oliva (savatage). The artwork includes many great artists including world renowned artist seth siro anton, natalie shau and michal loranc. “poetry for the poisoned” is a mix of progressive elements, modern rock, dark arts and also power metal.” states guitarist thomas youngblood. “it comes at a time where many people around the world are searching for something to grab on to spiritually, including myself. I recently lost my mother and to be honest it was very hard on me. So there are some melancholy moods reflected on this album.” frontman roy khan assures that “poetry for the poisoned” will please the band’s existing following as well as expose the universe of kamelot to a whole range of new fans: “”poetry for the poisoned” is our longest and toughest production so far, but when i hear the result i know it was well worth the struggle”.

Max vaccaro, director of the earmusic label has welcomed kamelot saying: “if there is one thing that is absolutely clear with kamelot, it’s that the band has a unique vision of metal and they consider anything they do as the ‘next step’ to something bigger and better, constantly adamant to reach new ambitious artistic targets. We’re happy about the fact that they have chosen earmusic as the partner to expand their audience with this new wonderful album”. “poetry for the poisoned” will also be available on limited edition hard-cover digipak cd with bonus dvd, lp and limited collector’s edition featuring a bonus 45″ vinyl with Two rare songs only available on this strictly limited format, personally signed by the band.

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“Poetry For The Poisoned” track listing:

01. The Great Pandemonium

02. If Tomorrow Came

03. Dear Editor

04. The Zodiac

05. Hunter’s Season

06. House On A Hill

07. Necropolis

08. My Train Of Thoughts

09. Seal Of Woven Years

“Poetry For The Poisoned”

10. Pt. I – Incubus

11. Pt. II – So Long

12. Pt. III – All Is Over

13. Pt. IV – Dissection

14. Once Upon A Time

Kamelot is:

Roy khan – vocals

Thomas youngblood – guitar

Casey grillo – drums

Oliver palotai – keyboards

Sean tibbets – bass

Official website: http://www.Kamelot.Com/

Myspace: http://www.Myspace.Com/kamelot

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