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The Jade – Seconds Away From Salvation

Released by : North & South Records OUT NOW!!

Style: Modern Rock



01 .Solitary Soul

02 .Roses Are Burning

03 .Drowning

04 .Yesterday’s Rain

05 .Before The Dawn

06 .In The Fire

07 .Wake Up

08 .Everlasting Memorial

09 .The Flame

10 .Roseate Sky

11 .St. Pancras

12 .King’s Cross

13 .Beautiful Things

14 .It’s A Sin

THE JADE are a fresh and exciting band hailing from Finland, that play an interesting style of music that sits somewhere between the hair rock of the eighties and the current modern rock, all covered in a smattering of glam rock, which comes out sounding quite interesting and certainly gives the band a unique identity in the rock landscape.

SECOND’S AWAY FROM SALVATION is the band’s debut full-length album after two E.P’s released in 2004 and 2006 respectively, and sees the band with yet another refining of their sound, with a major influence from 90’s era British rock bands like BLUR and SUEDE.

The overall vibe is the album is quite accessible and enjoyable if not a little repetitive. Yes the album is good, but there are a handful of songs on offer that sound pretty same-ish to one another and it did end up irking me a little.

YESTERDAY’S RAIN features a catchy hook in the chorus that is truly made for radio and should gain some airplay somewhere. SOLITARY SOUL was my favourite track on the album and sounds like a mix between BLUR, THE CURE and THE CULT, which is actually not bad of an analogy of the overall style of the album.

EVERLASTING MEMORIAL was another one that stuck with me and sounds like a cross between SYSTEM OF A DOWN and Aussie punksters THE LIVING END. IT’S A SIN is a fun little number that should find a fan base too.

With SECONDS AWAY FROM SALVATION, THE JADE have further cemented their unique sound and should be looking ahead to a bright future as long as the music finds its correct audience. It’s not for everyone, but I know there are a few scenes that would happily adopt a band of this caliber.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee   7/10

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