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The Last Void – State of Mind


Style: Preogressive Metal



01 .Pain Part 1 : Frustration

02 .Kindergarden Stuff

03 .Metal Mind

04 .Icarus

05 .M.A.F.A Interlude

06 .Rebirth

07 .Survive

08 .Illusion

09 .Shadow

10 .Pain Part 2 : Revolution

I am very torn while listening to the debut album from new female fronted prog metallers THE LAST VOID. On one hand I am hearing some pretty interesting music and some great melodies. KINDERGARDEN STUFF is a perfect example of this and features a very tasty and interesting verse structure, but has a very melodic and moody chorus that will stick to your brain. But, on the other hand I have to admit I’m not a fan of Adriana Munoz’ vocals at all. Most of the time she sings in key, but her voice is a quite generic and I hate to say it, but is a long way back from the talent of the rest of the band.

Lyrically though there is much to get excited about, and I feel the need to once again mention KINDERGARDEN STUFF, which truly was a treat to read along with. REBIRTH, SHADOW and SURVIVE were also very interesting lyrically and the high point of my time with this album was reading along to and learning these few songs.

The overall sound of the album is a bit like a slightly less virtuistic version of DREAM THEATER crossed with a bit of IN THIS MOMENT, topped off with a bit of slightly less aggressive LACUNA COIL. The musicianship throughout the album is definitely of a higher than average quality, and all members have the chops to play side by side with some of the big boys in the prog metal landscape, but to get there will likely need to find a different singer. As I said earlier, it’s not really that vocalist Adriana Munoz is a bad singer per-se, I just don’t feel that she has the right voice for this type of music and certainly not the right voice for the sound that THE LAST VOID are going for. I feel personally that her voice is much more suited to Indie-Rock or Indie-Pop or something around those styles.

Opinions are always subjective of course, so I still recommend for any prog metal fan to at least check out some samples, because if, unlike me, the vocal style doesn’t bother you, then there is no reason that you won’t like the album as all of the other elements are of a surprisingly high quality from the musicianship and songwriting all the way through to the professionally produced lyric booklet and cover artwork. Approach with hesitation.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee   6/10

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