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Logan – The Great Unknown

Released by : Guardian Angel Records

Release Date: October 5, 2010

Genre: Rock



Line Up:

Kenny Collins – Vocals

Mick Coll – Guitar/Vocals

Al Reilly – Guitar

Steve Reilly – Bass

Iain Stratton – Drums


1. The Great Unknown

2. Rock’n’Roll Way

3. When I Get Down

4. Save Me

5. Jump In Again

6. Hallowed Ground

7. Brother

8. Lost & Found

9. Spin the Wheel

10. Born to Run

11. Hurricane

12. Hold

13. Gone *CD Bonus Track

14. Light it Up *CD Bonus Track

Here’s food for thought, when was the last time you listened to a modern hard rock band from Scotland? Alright fine I’ll give you Franz Ferdinand even though they’re sound is pure alt pop they don’t really measure up to this upcoming outfit called Logan. I was expecting to hear something different here even though the sound has been promoted as Classic Rock with big riffs which is it really is with a modern touch. The charismatic singer Kenny Collins voices is pure American Hard Rock influence in fact he comes pretty close to sounding like a cross between Adam Grontier of Three Days Grace and Austin Winkler of Hinder or a Scott Stapp of Creed. With a smidgen of alternative in it’s root the band rocks out hard with a big sound and enough added rhythm for any newcomers to take notice.

Let’s one thing clear here, these guys are certainly not new in the scene, “The Great Unknown” is the bands 5th studio album and the fact that they remained unknowns early in their career in their homeland plus really gathering underground popularity in countries like the UK remained a mystery. I mean it takes time to get music notice but these guys are skilled musicians which surprises me why their sound didn’t get picked up earlier, especially  here in the Mainstream rock world in the States. Well good things come to those who wait, the band managed to secure a spot opening for Alter Bridge here in the USA in 2005 and with enough internet buzz and promotions from online forums and communities in the scene, will build up more  interest in  leading up to their new record that will hopefully change it’s fortune for these gentlemen.

Let’s digest the record a bit why don’t we? The band while remaining true to some other American hard rock counterparts actually have a unique sound of their own and the first striking thing to notice is the strong vocals of Collins. On tracks like “When I Get Down’ and “Save Me” the groove re-emerges and kicks starts the song keeping the listening experience solid. Meanwhile the similar structure of  “Hallowed Ground” sounds like early Creed with a punch, a mix of pseudo grunge with Hard Rock. The sharp driven guitar riffs of “Spin The Wheel” features a nasty solo by Al Reilly and the anthem ballad “Born To Run” will stick long thereafter with a hook to remember.

Wind Up records is renown for digging up bands like these with similar structure in their framework and body of work, and it would not surprise me if they are finally signed to a major label because is absurd they haven’t yet. There’s enough material here to keep any fans of the genre pleased and the production is tighter then on past releases courtesy of Keith Olsen(Ozzy, Whitesnake, Scorpions) producing this one. Some are re-recordings of past albums which in fact have also something to offer as well. If you get a chance to listen to Logan make sure you pick up “The Great Unknown” any Rock Americana fan will not be distraught as the music speaks for itself. Knock it back folks and go get this!!!.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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