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The Giant Leap – The Giant Leap

Released by EMI Finland

Released On February 3, 2010

Genre: Rock/Soft Rock/Pop



Line Up:

Sebastian Rejman (vocals)

Petri Somer (keyboards)

Sami Lehto (drums)



2.Like The First Time

3.Beautiful Goodbye

4.I Don’t Wanna Drive Alone

5.Best Time Of Your Life

6.Open All Night

7.One Shot

8.War Of Love

9.Save Me


11.Something To Believe

I have never been an advocate of mainstream music, I don’t like to recount the endless amount of time that garbage gets released only to be praised by media schmucks. The reality of most mainstream music at least here in the USA is an enigma, the constant music industry seems to get worse and worse when it comes to finding mainstream talent. But I’m not going to rant about that because I have been saving this review for a while due in part because I have been listening to it constantly on my player and yes it involves a band that plays mainstream rock and guess what?, is actually good. I’m referring to the Finish Rock band The Giant Leap who released their sophomore album self titled in April of this year, yes I know it’s been a while but the truth is if the music is good then it doesn’t matter when it gets reviewed and this trio certainly deserves some props.

Musically speaking the band delivers on simple arrangements but catchy and emphatically addicting. With a little punk and modern rock riffs the bands brings forward a fresh taste of Finland rock mainstream abroad. Lead vocalist Sebastian Rejman has a subtle but deep fruitful voice that bares attention in each track. The youthful exuberant energy in ” Beautiful Goodbye” stands out as what the rest of the record has to offer. Influences here ring some token to bands like Matchbox Twenty or early Goo Goo Dolls with a touch of soft rock AOR. “Best Time of Your Life” and “Open All Night” display a swail of melodies that strike with unwavering control. A great track comes your way in “One Shot” which will please some AOR fans around, the chorus here is contagious with an added spark on the songwriting front. For such a young trio these guys can lay down some thoughtful words, in words of “War Of Love” comes across as a serious one but still has that classy soft rock approach with a beautiful cello and piano lead.

It was really hard to find anything wrong with this record I wanted to but to be honest these guys make great accessible music and yes is labeled as Soft Rock/Pop but they are more mature to be just labeled into that genre and should not be taken lightly. The music scene in Finland is so vary but these guys manage to break some ground in their home land as some of their singles hit the top of the charts. What do you know an actual mainstream sound that’s a pleasure listening to? Maybe these homegrown bands can take a page out of  The Giant Leap and focus more actually substance and writing good music then about drowning their talents in the mud by mainstream record executives. This one comes highly recommend and should not be passed off by any means. Take the giant leap while don’t ya?

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

The Giant Leap: Beautiful Goodbye

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