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Vindicator – The Antique Witcheries

Released by: Heavy Artillery Records

Release Date: August 10th, 2010

Genre: Speed/Trash Metal


Line Up:

Marshal Law – Vocals

Vic Stown – Guitar

Kidd Thompson – Bass

Jesse Stown – Drums


1. Gates of Inequity

2. Beneath the Guillotine

3. Fearmonger

4. Sewn to the Flesh

5. Quarry rats

6. The Antique Witcheries

7. Raze the Dead

8. Communal Decay

9. Dead in the Water

10. Pit of the Shoggoths

11. Strange Aeons

Ahh yes some good old school Thrash Metal finally. I have to be honest I don’t review as much Thash Metal as my other counterparts or staff members for Myglobalmind…but I would be lying if I told you that I don’t have a special place in my heart for the genre. Flashes of Megadeth and Metallica, Overkill and the tons of Thrash ripping metal acts always have a special slot in my player. With this I introduce you to Vindicator an honest blue collar thrash metal outfit from the midwest in South Amherst, Ohio. Don’t you just love these type of bands who are the nitty gritty of the industry in general because all they do is tour their ass off and play all the gigs others don’t want to play? And you know what else? They gain real fans that way too.

This is a very cool release from Vindicator because is their sophomore release and has the band now outright playing a more direct thrash sound that resonates in the heavy bottom plowing bass and rhythm section. Their self title debut in 2008 got them on the road and opening for such acts as Overkill, Raven, M.O.D., Hirax, Exodus, Kreator amongst others.

The creepy opening intro of “Gates of Inequity” opens up the record giving way to the dirty trashy sounds of “Beneath the Guillotine”. By the time “Quarry Rats” started playing I was already banging my head like old times and for nostalgia  I even wore my Megadeth – Rust In Peace t-shirt haha. The title track plunges with plenty of speed to kill as the changing rhythm produces a staple for all trash metal maniacs to behold. The dark impact lyrics of “Sewn In The Flesh” will tear a hole in the sky with is constant groovy punch and message that’s hard to miss.

Man when the smoke clears and the firehouse puts out the fire that Vindicator leaves behind then you’ll have a moment to reflect and breathe , otherwise “The Antique Witcheries” will smash your face upside down with constant menace. This is trash the way is meant to be played, groovy melodic and speedy as hell. Good vocal work by Law as he balances to keep track ferociously with the razor sharp guitar riffs and drumming of the Stown guys. The “New Wave of Trash” as it has become known is alive and well in this more complete and well produced sophomore record from these Ohio metal heads. This is highly recommended to any thrash or metal heads out there and do yourself a favor, go check the bands myspace as they are touring all over the USA.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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