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Windrow – Dangerous Game

Released by: Temple of Noise

Release Date: Self Release Out Now!!!

Genre: Power Metal



1. Never Cry

2. Snake Or Shark

3. Afterlife

4. Glorious March

5. Go On The Wind

6. Rotten World

7. Inside An Angel

8. Dangerous Game

9. Twilight In The Dark

10. Illusions

I’m not quite sure how or when I stumbled upon the myspage page for Italian power metallers WINDROW, but I do remember being very impressed and surprised that they weren’t signed yet. After a little bit of a discussion the band sent me a copy of their latest album DANGEROUS GAME for review.

My first impressions were not far wrong, WINDROW are certainly a band that deserve to be signed, and their new album DANGEROUS GAME is one of the best power metal albums I have listened to so far this year. I did some research and discovered that the band has actually been active since 2000 and this is actually their fourth studio album. I’m yet to hear any of their previous material, but if it any of it is near as good as this it truly is bizarre that they have yet to sign a deal with a label.

The vocalist is awesome and his sound reminds me a bit of 220 VOLT and 707, two older metal bands that are both pretty high up on my respect list. The guitar work is equally impressive with some real cool power metal riffs and some lighting fast shred work, but still retains some slower more melodic elements as the songs require.

As soon as album opener NEVER CRY kicks is you’ll already know that these guys are well above average, but when the chorus rolls in the band will have won you over for sure, they did me. AFTERLIFE follows the trend and has a majestic sound that while quite familiar to most power metal fans, cannot be denied. ROTTEN WORLD is one my favorite tracks on the album and takes on a more melodic edge but still remains steadfast in the power metal style. Also a special mention for closing track ILLUSIONS that is also one of the best pure metal songs I’ve heard in a while and reminded me a little of IRON MAIDEN.

If you’re a power metal follower I’m sure I don’t have to tell you just how many options are out there and how many new albums are released each month, but I urge you to at least go to WINDROW’S myspace page and give them a listen, you may just be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee   8/10

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