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Black Bone Child – Take You Blind

Released By:   Self Released – Out Now

Genre: Acoustic Blues


Line Up:

Donny James: Guitar, Vocals

Kenneth M : Guitar, Vocals


1. Baby Baby

2. By My Hand

3. Tell Me I’m Wrong

4. The Flames Are Warm

5. Mine

6. Ask For Forgiveness

7. Time Pass Me By

8. Dying For Your Love

TAKE YOU BLIND is the second release by BLACK BONE CHILD that I have reviewed in the last couple of days. This is due to the fact that the band cheekily released two albums at the same time. Whilst ALLIGATOR was a full band release, TAKE YOU BLIND is a largely unplugged album that compliments the former very nicely.  Found on this disc is some acoustic renditions of songs from the band’s first album, some from ALLIGATOR and a couple of tracks written specifically for TAKE YOU BLIND.

The steel slide guitar work is just as good as what I heard on ALLIGATOR and this laid-back vibe seems to really suit the band even though it’s not what they usually do. My favorite track by far was BY MY HAND, which really reminded me of KID ROCK. Not the rapper version of KID ROCK, the southern-fried, country-tinged version. I also enjoyed THE FLAMES ARE WARM, ASK FOR FORGIVENESS and TIME PASS ME BY. As I mentioned in my review of ALLIGATOR, I really like this band and the overall class they display on this release is amazing, from the well though out bluesy lyrics, the awesome slide guitar and a vocalist that can send a shiver down your spine, everything is top class and worthy of your attention.

TAKE YOU BLIND may be a stark contrast to ALLIGATOR, but their lies it’s charm, if you buy both albums you truly get the best of both worlds and get to really see what this band can do. SOMEBODY SIGN THEM NOW!

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee   9/10

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