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Head Haunter – The Basement Barrage E.P

Self Released – Out Now

Genre : Modern Thrash Metal

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Line Up:

Micheal Philippo: V ocals

Gert-Jan Kruijthof : Guitar

Erik Reppel: Drums

Giel Van Arkel: Bass



02.Pay With Your Life

03.Brace For Impact

04.World Grows Colder

Usually when I receive an E.P from an unsigned band it’s either their first release or very, very early on their career. But upon reading the documentation that came with the new E.P from HEAD HAUNTER, I discovered that this disc is actually their fourth release and the band has actually been active for ten years.  The band were kind enough to send through a copy of their 2007 self-released album FUELLED BY CHAOS with the promo material, and while I had a quick listen to it, I spent most of my time with the E.P and won’t be comparing it to any of their previous work.

The basis of the bands musical sound is in the vein of modern thrash metal, with all of the trashy riffs and gang vocals that come with the territory, but they also add some hardcore elements and a touch of groove metal too. Imagine Phil Anselmo singing for DEATH ANGEL and jamming with the guys from HATEBREED and you’ll have some idea on what to expect from this release.

Of the four tracks on offer, opening tune WARRIORS is the highlight and while it feels like good old school metal should feel, there is certainly a massive modern influence and it should suit fans from many edges of the metal spectrum. PAY WITH YOUR LIFE is not far behind and is a custom made moshpit tune that should totally go off live. The final two tracks head back to a more traditional thrash metal sound but still have enough of a modern tinge to appeal to the masses.

If E.P’s are released to garner interest in a full album, mission accomplished. There is certainly enough quality on this release to warrant a new album coming out and hopefully this is what happens. What I will say though, is that if the band are to release a full album, they need to invest some money into a good production as the aural quality of THE BASEMENT BARRAGE E.P is well below standard, which is a shame given the quality of the songs on offer.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 7/10

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