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Bloodlights – Simple Pleasures

Released By : Lengua Armada Records  –  Out Now

Genre : Sleazy Punk Rock

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Line Up:

Captain Poon – Vocals, Guitar

Woody Lee – Drums

Howie B – Guitar

Ron Elly – Bass


1. Blasted

2. City Of The Dead

3. Simple Pleasures

4. Just One More

5. Off The Track

6. Never Built To Last

7. Perfect But The Opposite

8. Sticky Handshake

9. Ultimate High

10. The Thief

11. Wipe It Off

The second album from Norwegian newcomers BLOODLIGHTS is quite hard to describe properly. The main element of the bands sound is pure and dirty hard rock, but they also mix in some elements of sleazy glam and top it all off with some punk rock sensibilities. Think AC/DC crossed with MOTLEY CRUE and then add some RAMONES, then a small sprinkle of MOTORHEAD for good measure and you’ll be some way to understanding just what SIMPLE PLEASURES holds in store.

The main notable from BLOODLIGHTS is probably guitarist/vocalist CAPTAIN POON (Yes really), who previous to this band made some inroads with his last outfit, the gothically-tinged heavy rockers GLUECIFER. GLUECIFER were quite a big deal in their time between 1997 and 2004 where they released six pretty successful albums and shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the rock game from their side of the globe.

CAPTAIN POON was the guitarist and backing vocalist for this previous outfit, but with BLOODLIGHTS he is the frontman and seems to be getting quite comfortable in the role. The influence of his past band can be heard scattered sporadically throughout the album’s eleven tracks, but in its essence BLOODLIGHTS are their own entity with a largely unique style that should have enough crossover appeal to gain a decent chunk of the record buying public. Wether it’s the slightly poppy and very catchy NEVER BUILT TO LAST, the sleazy rock of PERFECT BUT OPPOSITE, the schoolboy lyrics in the typical hard rock STICKY HANDSHAKE or even the pure old-school hard rock of OFF THE TRACK there really is something here for everyone that is a fan of no-bullshit rock ‘n’ roll.

I was quite impressed with SIMPLE PLEASURES and have since gone ahead and got myself a copy of the band’s first album, which is pretty good also but not quite in the same league as this release.   In the day and age that we live in, it can’t hurt you to at least visit BLOODLIGHT’S myspace page and listen to a couple of samples, you never know what you might find.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 7/10

Bloodlights – One Eye Open

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