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Kenny Stewart – The Brains Behind The Scam

Released by:  Big Spin Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Classic Rock/Hard Rock/Metal



Track List

01 – Tears To A Glass Eye

02 – Secret Sign

03 – BBD

04 – Kick Me

05 – Down In Four At The Boneyard

06 – All Jazzed Up And Ready

07 – Crown Of Thorns

08 – Broken Glass And Bullet Holes

09 – The Great Divide

10 – Misery Loves Company

11 – Bullet (With Your Name On It)

12 – Cradle To The Grave

13 – Hypnotized

14 – Break My Fall

15 – No Win Situation

16 – Urban Cabaret

Whoa this one was a pleasant surprise that slipped across my desk recently. I’m talking about one of the founders of the classic rock group from the 70’s Dirty Tricks. The UK based outfit layed out 3 records in the 70’s then sorta vanished in thin air until later 2009 when they released Up At The Nine Count only to be accepted on limited digital release, nevertheless it received some praise all things considering. Well the leading front man for those Dirty Tricks days was Kenny Stewart a very good vocalist, in fact more proof of the man’s influences and quality range prove clear because Kenny has extensively toured as part of the Led Zeppelin tribute band ‘Stairway To Zeppelin’. And if you we’re to check out a recent picture of Kenny he looks eerily familiar to one Robert Plant haha no pun intended.

Stewart has a very direct Hard Rock approach with some interesting European classic rock influences for all give in for a unique blend of hard rock and pomp approach, but overall sound is very straight up and in your face which fit his clean vocal style exceptionally well. A good example of the melodies and the tasty riffs can be witnessed on “BBD” a tight unique blend of hard rock with a kick. “Crown Of Thorns” is a churner blazing saddle up rock and roll jam, a super tight bass rhythm and drumming dominates the lead here as Kenny matches the intensity of every note confidently. Another aggressive tune comes your way in “Broken Glass and Bullet Holes” the crunchy guitars stand out here for a smashing and vibrant feel.  Although Stewart’s voice sound a little distorted at times, when is good is good and on “Misery Loves Company” he hits the spot with authority as the more metal approach shows off here once the rhythm section takes over, very interesting track.

When all is said and done what we have here ladies and gents, is a very good record with a unique approach in the mixing department. You can witness some classic rock fusion injected with modern hard rock and metal vibes to create an mix but entertaining piece of hard rock. Kenny Stewart was said to have rejoined the classic Dirty Tricks band again and are working on new material, that certainly looks promising but from what i heard from the band past records this one here has more quantity for your buck then any of his older material with Tricks. Check out some samples below and you might be pleasantly surprise like I was.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   7/10

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One thought on “Kenny Stewart – The Brains Behind The Scam

  1. Good and fair review although I’d raise the rating to a possible 9. Kennys voice is as good as it ever was and the music is damn near perfect.


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