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Dark Haven – Fallout

Released By : Self Released  –  Out Now

Genre: Melodic Death Metal


Line Up:

Don – Vocals

Brennan – Guitar

Nate – Drums

Ryan – Bass

Lance – Keys


1. Embracing The Carnage

2. Mechanics Of War

3. Shades Of Ivory

4. Aphelion

5. Faceless Sons

6. Skyscraper

7. Abysmal Horror

8. Through Dying Eyes

9. Azimuth

10. Malice

Southern Cali melodic death metal group DARK HAVEN have been around for a while now, and after a semi-successful E.P a couple years ago the band have finally released their debut full-length album titled FALLOUT without any assistance from a record label.

The first thing that struck a chord with me was how good the overall product was for an indie release. The artwork and lyric-filled booklet are all of a higher quality than most indies I review, and the printed picture-disc is a welcome bonus.

“But what about the music?!?” I hear you scream, well on that front the band definitely deliver. The band’s sound for the most part follows the typical modern melodeath formula, both the small spatterings of black metal influenced passages and the ever-so-slight elements of some metalcore slipping through, they actually have a somewhat unique sound in their chosen genre. Not unique as in original or groundbreaking, I mean let’s face it, I think this genre as a whole wouldn’t have many surprises left in store for us, but just unique in the fact that I think you would know a DARK HAVEN track when you heard it.

I think though, that the main marketing point of this band will be singer DON LINNEMAN, who’s deathly screams and growls have him sounding good enough to probably front any other melodeath band out there today and his variation and occasional clean-ish passages show a versatility and class not always present in bands playing this type of music. Musically everything is written, recorded and produced well, but I did find some of the riffing to be a little generic and repetitive, but that is more due to the confines of the genre rather than a knock on guitarist BRENNAN KILPATRICK who is obviously a well above average stringster.

Whilst not completely blown away by FALLOUT (Pun not intended), it was an enjoyable listen that reminded me of the things that I like about the melodeath genre. If you are a fan of this type of music, make sure to check out DARK HAVEN, they have the stuff it takes to be huge, they just need a bigger audience.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 7/10

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