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Cybercage – Good Morning Slaves

Released By: Self Released – Out Now

Genre: Industrial Metal



Fabio Coradduzza- Vocals

Delio Soro – Guitar

Fabrizio Fele – Bass

Pietro Ganadu – Drums

Alex Fele – Synths & Programming


1. And God Said

2. Good Morning Slaves

3. Enjoy & Die

4. Make Some Fuckin’ Noise

5. Sadness

6. Robbing The Bank

7. My Rage

8. Lost In The Past

CYBERCAGE are in interesting experimental industrial metal band hailing from Italy and have been in existence since 2006. GOOD MORNING SLAVES is the band’s first output and even though it is a full eight songs long, they are calling it a demo and are using it to tray and gather some label interest. I am glad that the band are willing to call this a demo release, as it is really quite raw, and the overall presentation including the album on a CD-R is a mile away from being anything professional.

Being that this is a demo though, means that I can judge and rate it purely on the musical side of things, which has truly proven to be very difficult for me. I did find some enjoyable aspects mainly in the more experimental parts of the disc, but as far as a cohesive collective of songs I must say I couldn’t really get into it. Songs like GOOD MORNING SLAVES, SADNESS and MY RAGE show a band that it getting closer to a specific sound and definitely show some potential. But songs like ENJOY & DIE and MAKE SOME FUCKIN NOISE seemed to be unrefined and a bit amateur, and really detracted from the overall experience.

With GOOD MORNING SLAVES, CYBERCAGE have managed to show that they are a band with some great potential, which can hopefully be extracted by getting a small label deal, and getting the songs to a producer that can help the band refine them and record them decently. I cannot in all truth recommend this demo as a purchase unless you are a collector of all things industrial metal, but I can recommend that you keep an eye out for CYBERCAGE, as all it would take is a label to get a hold of the band and help them produce a decent quality E.P, then I think they could be going places. Until then though they just have to keep working on their songwriting.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 6/10

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