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Stratosphere – Fire Flight

Released by Escape Music

Release Date: October 22, 2010

Genre: Hard Rock/Progressive/Neoclassical Metal



Line Up:

Goran Edman – Vocals

Jonas Larsen – Guitars

Jim McCarty – Drums

Anders Borre Mathiesen – Bass

Jeppe Lund – Keyboards


1-Russian Summer

2- The Battle Within

3- Enemy Of my Soul

4- Street Of Moscow


6- Shining Star

7- China Girl

8- Princess Of The Night

9- VIP

10- Fire Flight

What do you get when you combine the super nova voice of one Goran Edman with a keyboard wizard in Jeppe Lund and an explosive guitar virtuoso in Jonas Larsen? You have an explosion of molten Neo Classical Metal with Hard Rock grooves and the name of “Stratosphere”. What an appropriate name for this new Scandinavian sensation because the music here just jumps out and begs for attention.  The band is the brainchild of keyboard virtuoso Jeppe Lund who’s a huge fan of Symphonic Rock in general, and the influences are evident in the music here. Just because Goran Edman is involved as main vocalist here is a good enough reason for anybody to check this band out, his ridiculous strong voice can carry any lyric far and wide and on “Fire Flight” gives Edman a chance to shine on every track led by a strong tumultuous rhythm section and skillfull guitar playing of Jonas Larson which smokes each track with precision.

The music here resembles a strong mix of classic Neo Classical Metal with strong homage to Yngwie Malmsteen who of course Goran Edman has participated with in the past and sounding a bit like a faster Royal Hunt.  But what attracted me the most to this promo was the mix of Hard Rock tunes in the boiling pot of the classical mixes, it works pretty darn well here. The opener “Russian Summer” is a strong kick starter with emphasis on the addictive rhythm and vocals of Edman.  Was blown away when listening to the crazy guitar instrumental of “Rendezvous” holy crap if guitarist Larson didn’t borrow a thing or two from Malmsteen if would surprise because he sounds like he’s burning a hole in the core of the planet on this smoking red hot track  you must listen to this one!!!. Well once you take a moment to soak all this down, you can listen to the more haunting melodies of “Shining Star” which once again lets Goran take over the track and spread his talent for the whole world to see. The closing title track instrumental closes the record with a perfect storybook ending as the beautifully led guitar lead passes the torch again to a galloping rhythm section that holds a tight grip on each second of the track.

How about the drumming clinic here provide by Jim McCarty huh? Well funny you should ask because this guy pounds his way through each track with a resounding thunderous strike. All the musicians involved here take control with force and display a showcase of fine abilities. This is one of those projects that the sum of it’s parts truly creates something special and the production specially is very strong as it’s often a challenge to hear so many instruments playing so fast in the Neo Classical genre specially when keyboard and guitars drown vocals often, here no such luck because the vocals are crisp and clear.  I haven’t heard something as strong as this all year, it will rival any of the top highlights of the year in any category that’s how damn good it is.  It has gigantic vocals, superb cat and mouse keyboard and rhythm section work with an explosive sound that will demand your attention.  Catch the Fire Flight or else it will smoke you blind!!!. Highly Recommended!!!

The song “The Battle Within” is available for streaming at this location.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   9/10

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