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Crossroad To Damnation – Frozen In Time (Demo)

Released By : Self Released

Genre: Progressive Death Metal

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Mark Roelofs

Sander Dammigh

Patrick van Mourik

Mark van Veen

Lorraine Lysen


1. Frozen in Time

2. Crossroad Of Damnation

3. The Self Proclaimed

CROSSROAD TO DAMNATION began as a thrash metal band, but after some member changes and a change in songwriting approach, they have now become a progressive death metal outfit. FROZEN IN TIME is the bands first released demo and a bit of a teaser for an album they are currently writing.

I’ll start by saying that there was some things I did like and some I didn’t, but overall what I hear on FROZEN IN TIME is a band that have some potential but still need some refining before asking for money for a full length album. I can hear influences from bands like PORCUPINE TREE and OPETH here, which as far as I’m concerned is a good base to build a sound on, an when mixed with some slightly jazz-fusion tinged sections and some interesting uses of the clean vocals, once again there is enough here to build a solid foundation upon.

The death elements of the nine minute opening track FROZEN IN TIME are all done decently enough, if not a little uninspired, but when the clean vocals came in at around the six minute mark it failed to impress me. So step one it would seem, is if you are going to have clean vocals in your songs, which I think they should, the singer needs some work. I wouldn’t expect virtuoistic singing from a death metal band, but you at least need to be in the right key and in tune. Second track CROSSROAD OF DAMNATION is a little bit more precise with not too many progressive elements and a sturdy enough tune in its own right. THE SELF PROCLAIMED follows in the footsteps of the first track and has a few different sections. Now I don’t know id the vocalist doing the clean parts of this song is same person that did them in the opening track but they are much better here and remind me a little of CHRIS CORNELL, which was interesting to hear slapped in the middle of an otherwise very deathy song.

Something that bugged me throughout the songs was that some of the tempo changes and mood changes felt too rushed and didn’t gel in well with the rest of the song.

All in all CROSSROAD TO DAMNATION have managed to show what they are trying to achieve, but have fallen a little flat in the execution. A bit more time in the studio together, some vocal tune-ups and a little bit of work on some of the transitional elements of the songs could very well see them releasing a great album somewhere in the future.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 6/10

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