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Disarmonia Mundi – The Isolation Game

Released By : Coroner Records

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

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Ettore Rigotti – All Instruments, Clean Vocals

Claudio Ravinale – Vocals, Lyrics


1. Cypher Drone

2. Structual Wound

3. Perdition Haze

4. Building An Empire Of Dust

5. Stepchild Of Laceration

6. The Isolation Game

7. Blacklight Rush

8. Glimmer

9. Ties That Bind

10. Losing Ground

11. Same Old Nails For A New Messiah

12. Digging The Grave of Silence

13. Beneath A Colder Sun

DISARMONIA MUNDI is basically a one-man band centered around Ettore Rigotti, sure he has another vocalist that does the growl vocals, a couple of guest solos from Olof Morck of NIGHTRAGE fame and some guest vocals by Bjorn Strid better known with his work in SOILWORK.

While listening to the new album THE ISOLATION GAME, the main point of reference I could make was a bit of SOILWORK mixed in with some IN FLAMES.

As a modern metal album, THE ISOLATION GAME does a good job of taking the better parts of the genre and mixing in a few odd sounds and electronica segments that in most cases can fall flat, but are done well enough here for them to be a positive rather than a negative. The clean vocal choruses that are so prevalent in this genre are used to great effect here too and this is where the band has an edge over a lot of the competition that are rather lackluster when it comes to melodic clean parts.

If you have been following the band, you will know that THE ISLOATION GAME is their fourth major release. Whilst the main feel of the music has stayed the path throughout the albums, this new one is definitely a bit heavier and more aggressive than the others and should keep fans relatively happy.

If you are a fan of SOILWORK or IN FLAMES or maybe even at a stretch KILLWITCH ENGAGE, make sure to have a look at this album as it does just as good a job as any album from the other bands in this genre.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 8/10

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