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Sectioned – Purulent Reality

Released By: Paragon Records

Genre: Death Metal

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M – Vocals

Zultan Valter – Guitars

Tibor Papp – Bass

Pete Christopher – Drums


1. A Lonely Grasp Of Winter

2. My Love Of Decay

3. Loneliest Man

4. Behind My Eyes

5. Mirrors

6. Village Of The Sun

7. Purulent Reality

This day and age there are so many sub genres in music, especially metal that it can all be a bit confusing sometimes. The same can especially be said for Death Metal, with its endless sub genres like Death Core, Thrash Death, Melodic Death, Nu-Death and so on. SO every now and then it’s very refreshing to listen to something and know exactly what it is.

That is the general vibe of SECTIONED’S debut album PURULENT REALITY, which can simply be described as Death Metal. These guys take their influences from bands that were around before the madness of the sub-genre got underway. I’m talking bands like BOLT THROWER, MORBID ANGEL and BRUTAL TRUTH.

There is not a lot of originality to be found in the album’s seven tracks, but what you do get is a no frills throwback to the old days when Death Metal was still fresh and exciting. Vocalist M sounds as though he comes straight from this era and mixes up some very intimidating growl vocals with a few shrieks here and there that will smash your house windows out. The songwriting is generally solid, if not a bit samey, but hey, the drums sound sick, the bass is deep, the guitars are dirty and the vocals are top notch.

I also found a bit of influence from Grindcore bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE scattered here and there, especially in the lyrics to MY LOVE OF DECAY, which will make your skin crawl when you read them.

Fans of old-school Death bands like those mentioned earlier in this review may just have a bit of a gem on their hands here and it’s definitely worth your time. For those that aren’t into the whole Death Metal thing and growly vocals, there’s nothing here that will change your mind.  A very valiant first effort, and a great kick-start for the future career of SECTIONED.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 8/10

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