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Epicrenel – The Crystal Throne (Demo)

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Power Metal



Christian Palin – Vocals

Miffo Sepponen – Drums, Guitars

Juffa Noffren – Bass, Keyboards

Tommy Ahtila – Lead Giutars

Risto Eupiainen – Keyboards


1. To Cursed Lands Again

2. Where Kingdoms Fall

3. Floating Souls

4. Guarding Fellhound

5. Skyride

EPICRENEL is a new epic power metal band founded by members of ADAGIO, OLYMPUS MONS and ADAMANTRA. I must admit that I am not all that familiar with the latter two bands, but ADAGIO has certainly been a band that I have enjoyed in the past. Luckily for me the ADAGIO connection comes with vocalist Christian Palin, who some of you may also recognize from one of his other past bands RANDOM EYES.

The main thing I noticed about this demo is how professional it was and just how label ready these guys are. Apparently they have the material ready for an album and are currently working out a deal. From what I hear there is nothing new on the disc, but the brand of melodic power metal that the band are playing is a very high quality and I’m sure that they are destined to be quite popular.

A few of the songs are part of an overall story that will be completed when the full album comes out and if TO CURSED LANDS AGAIN and FLOATING SOULS are anything to go by, the rest of the album could be something a bit special. The keyboards are used to good effect and bounce of the guitar wizardry quite nicely, and when mixed with the well above average quality vocals of PALIN, the overall sound is quite awesome whet it really gets going.

EPICRENEL are not going to convert any non power metal fans, but if you are a fan of the genre keep an eye out for yet another group that have the possibility to climb up towards the top of the heap.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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