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Lethal Saint – Lethal Saint

Released By : Pitch Black Records

Genre : Traditional Heavy Metal

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Andreas Pugioukas – Vocals

Christos – Papadopoullos – Guitars, Vocals

Andreas Kasap – Guitars, Vocals

George Haigaz Yildizian – Bass

Christis Isseyegh – Drums


1. Chains Of The Devil

2. Final Prayer

3. Thunder Strikes

4. Evil Inside

5. Heavy Metal Knights

6. You’re A Sinner

7. Night of The Sin

8. Rock ‘n’ Roll Survivor

9. Visions In The Night

10. Midnight Warriors

11. Wild In The Night

12. Lethal Saint

CYPRUS probably isn’t the first place you think of when you think about traditional sounding heavy metal bands, but that is where newcomers LETHAL SAINT call home.

The band’s new self-titled debut album is absolutely unashamedly traditional early eighties metal and for the most part the concept is successful.

Interestingly enough, the members of the band are all in their early twenties, which means none of them were even born when this type of music was dominating the metal scene. I guess this shows just how important and influential the eighties were to metal music in general.

As the album flows, you can hear inspiration from bands like JUDAS PRIEST, ACCEPT, IRON MAIDEN and a slew of other acts in that vein. The dual lead guitar work in some of the tracks in stunning and could well be THE reason that the band have a bright future ahead of them.

The album’s main downside to my ears was vocalist Andreas Pugioukas. Whilst he has the whole wailing falsetto sound down perfectly, when he is singing in a lower key he is very pitchy and always sounds about half a step out of key. There is also a couple of instances where the drums and rhythm guitar go out of time and it really feels as though these mistakes could and should have been found and fixed in the production stage.

There are a small handful of tracks that stand out on the album including the speedy CHAINS OF THE DEVIL, the catchy chorus of HEAVY METAL KNIGHTS and the classic throwback of MIDNIGHT WARRIORS, a track that sums up so much of the attitude and style of the eighties it’s not funny.

For a debut album from a young band, LETHAL SAINT is adequate and will definitely find some fans, but on a world stage, the band have a bit of work ahead of them, hopefully starting with some lower register vocal lessons.Worth a look of you can’t get enough of the traditional metal sound.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 6/10

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