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Wolfkahn – Wolfkahn E.P

Released By : Self Released

Genre: Death Metal

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Chris Elder – Vocals

Spiz – Guitar

Pierre – Guitar

Mr. Fuzzy – Bass

Luke Martingago – Drums


1. The Awakening

2. Armageddon

3. The Pharaoh’s Curse

4. Covenant To the Cancerous

5. Requiem

Rarely does an album or E.P come across my desk that I have so much trouble writing about like I am with the new self-titled E.P from Australian death metal band WOLFKAHN. The short truth of the matter is that I really enjoyed three of the five tunes on offer and I am looking forward to hearing what the band can do in a full-length album set up.

The simple way to describe WOLFKAHN is that they are death metal band, but to just leave it at that doesn’t really do them justice as there are many elements that go into making their sound. I feel a strong deathcore vibe throughout a lot of the songs, especially in some of the more groove-laden segments. It’s not quite in the metalcore vein of beatdowns, more along the line of say, some of MACHINE HEAD’S heavier moments, or maybe even something akin to the SUPERJOINT RITUAL way of things. You can also find the occasional passage that reminds a bit of black metal and even some folk metal inspired elements for a truly varied experience.

I will make mention of the fact that I find instrumental intros to be way out of place on E.P’s and I think that they should always be replaced with either another song, or just left out all together. Once the intro is out of the way ARMAGEDDON starts with a METALLICA-esque intro, until the double kick blasts in and is finally met with some blackened death metal vocals. COVENANT TO THE CANCEROUS is another track that deserves a mention and I can see it being enjoyed by fans of BOLT THROWER. REQUIEM is unfortunately another little instrumental ditty that serves as an outro.

While three songs that make up the middle of this E.P show that WOLFKAHN have some real potential, the annoyance factor of having two instrumental tunes on a five track disc is something that I can’t ignore. I would like to hear more from these guys in the future, because three short songs really isn’t enough to get a clear idea on what they are all about.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 7/10

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