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Bastardolomey – Plastic Pig Society

Released By : Jet Rock records

Genre: Modern Alt. Metal, Industrial Metal



Nufry – Vocals, Guitar

Busti – Guitar

Villi – Bass

Milen – Drums


1. Cheap Thrill

2. We Love Hate

3. Semiautomatic

4. Plastic Pig Society

5. Here Comes The Pain

6. Horns Part One

7. The Devil’s Band

8. Bad Luck Beauty

9. Raven girl

10. Tetris For A Psycho

As a volunteer music reviewer I must admit that sometimes I get a bit burned out by the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great fun and a great way to keep improving my own personal musical knowledge, but sometimes I have trouble wading through some pretty darn crappy album while looking to forward to others that are in my review queue . But then, there is the polar opposite, the moments that remind me just how lucky I am to be doing this, and I had one of those moments with the new album from a band I had previously never heard of in BASTARDOLOMEY.

The band first graced the scene in 2007 with a two-side single that gathered a fair bit of attention before shooting a video for the song CHEAP THRILL. It wouldn’t be until late 2008 that they would first hit the stage as live act, and from then they haven’t looked back. After securing some semi high profile gigs the band was approached to have their songs features in a movie and also a series of television ads in their home country of Bulgaria. In 2009 they hit the studio to begin recording what would eventually be this new release PLASTIC PIG SOCIETY. The style of music on the album is pretty unique, all the while familiar, and for a metal band they are surprisingly accessible and easy to listen to. There are some elements of current day thrash and modern metal, but also a fair bit of influence from industrial metal in the vein of WHITE ZOMBIE and MINISTRY. There is also a bit of a horror/goth feel to the song titles and lyrics just to keep things interesting.

The song that the band have put forward as a single is somewhere along the line of a less industrial sounding WHITE ZOMBIE tune with catchy chugging riffs and a great drum sound. The awesome drum sound is something that actually continues throughout the whole album and serves as one of the shining lights on a lot of songs. PLASTIC PIG SOCIETY is also a standout tune with a tribal scream intro and some very fist pumping riffs and squealing lead guitar work. BAD LUCK BEAUTY also had my head banging and should be an enjoyable track for fans of no frills heavy music.

While a handful of the songs on offer are real standout moments, the actual album works better as a whole and should be listened to this way, it seems to help get in the groove. I’m not sure if there’s many left, but PLASTIC PIG SOCIETY also comes in a limited special edition version that includes a guitar pick, a couple of pin badges a sticker, a poster and sew on patch along with the album itself, and it’s also officially stamped and numbered which really makes it feel like a collectible item.

I am totally recommending this album to anyone that will listen and I hope that everyone that reads this review will go straight to the bands myspace page and check out a few samples, BASTARDOLOMEY definitely deserve some wider recognition and I already can’t wait to hear what they come up with next.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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