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Eric Bell – Lonely Nights In London

Released By : Angel Air Music

Genre: Blues Rock



Eric Bell

Romek Parole

Brian Bethall


1. You’re My Only woman

2. Hoochie Coochie Man

3. Dallas

4. On The Road Blues

5. Lonely Nights In London

6. Me And Technology

7. Nitrous Oxide

8. Belfast Blues

9. Shake Your Money Maker

10. Taimse Im Chodladh

ERIC BELL has carved out a pretty successful solo Blues career in the last couple of decades, with his unique vocal stylings, excellent guitar playing and natural affinity for well crafted blues songs. Before this endeavor though, ERIC BELL was better known for his vital role as member of THIN LIZZY during their Decca years, an era which heralded hits like THE ROCKER and BELL’S unique and oft-celebrated rendition of WHISKEY IN THE JAR which brought the old traditional Irish ditty into the worldwide public eye.

The album as a whole, has a feel to it of somebody just getting on with doing what they love, there’s no fancy studio trickery and no frills, LONELY NIGHTS IN LONDON is just a pure laid back blues album by an artist doing exactly what he wants to do.

HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN is, of course a cover of a song that has been done by every blues artist before him, but has enough variation, especially in the bridge interlude to make it another worthy version. LONELY NIGHTS IN LONDON is a haunting track with a more singer-songwriter feel to it. ME AND TECHNOLOGY is a great song that tells the story of an old man uncomfortable with modern day technology and is a fun listen. TAIMSE IM CHODLADH is an eerie instrumental song that reminds me a bit of Gary Moore’s THE LONER vibe wise.

LONELY NIGHTS IN LONDON is a worthy addition to the already stellar catalogue of ERIC BELL and is worth seeking out of you’re a fan of artists like GARY MOORE, JEFF BECK or ERIC CLAPTON.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 7/10

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