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Fomento – Either Caesars Or Nothing

Released By : Coroner Records

Genre: Thrash Death Core

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Marco Krasinski – Vocals, Bass

Fabrizio Damiani – Guitar

Tommy Aurizzi – Guitar

Umberto Maliziotti – Drums


1. HD806o6B

2. The Die Is Cast

3. Pandora’s Box

4. The 13th Demon

5. Kill Fashioncore

6. Welcome To The Brotherhood

7. Faithless

8. The End Of The Republic

9. Menticide

10. Cotard’s Syndrome

11. The Egyptian March

12. Burial At Sea

FOMENTO are a new Thrash Death Core band hailing from Italy. Don’t be mistaken though by the artwork or the roman themed subtitles, the base sound of this album is of the new wave of American heavy metal variety, a road paved by bands like Chimaira and Lamb Of God.  Lamb Of  God is actually a pretty good reference point for the sound on offer here and fans of them will surely find something to like here.

The band’s first released song KILL FASHIONCORE is a perfect summary of the sound and the message they are going for.  Yes, FOMENTO are another bunch of guys that are sick & tired of the whole EMO trend and they aren’t afraid to say it. In fact, the band’s slogan is THE WAR ON EMO HAS BEGUN. While I must admit to liking a small handful of songs from the whole EMO genre, I totally see where they are coming from as the whole EMO thing as a trend has definitely worn out its welcome.

Regardless of the message or anything else, the song KILL FASHIONCORE just simply kicks ass, a very powerful & heavy death thrash hybrid that will make any fan of the more modern side of aggressive metal very, very happy.  BURIAL AT SEA and THE DIE IS CAST are both great, thundering tracks that are like a cross between SLAYER and HATESPHERE and will blow the hair out of your ears.

EITHER CAESARS OR NOTHING is very competent addition to the modern day aggro metal landscape, and I must suggest to any anti-fan of the whole EMO fad to get this album, as this is about to be your new anthem.Don’t be fooled by imitations, FOMENTO are the real deal.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 8/10

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