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Indyus – Ashes Of Dystopia

Released By : Backyard Beastbox Records

Genre : Thrashy Death Metal



Matthius Mayr – Vocals, Guitar

David Furstschegger – Guitar

Jakob Innauer – Bass

Klemens Mayr – Drums


1. Into Eternity

2. Ashes of Dystopia

3. Altared Apes

4. Theories

5. The Dilemma

6. Future Is Over

7. Burial time

8. The Necrosis (Of Human Kind)

9. Abyss Of Ignorance

10. Zietgeist

The most amazing thing about the new album from INDYUS is the fact that it’s their debut following a small demo release in 2007. The truth is, the band are too good to be new and the physical product they have put out on a very small label is well above the usual standard of debut albums. Actually, the album artwork is what first caught my eye about this release.  I’m not sure wether it’s the colors used, the general theme of the artwork or the band’s logo, but for some reason I was instantly reminded of one my all time favorite albums SEPULTURA’S “ARISE”. Upon reading through some of the lyrics I was yet again reminded of ARISE with some shared lyrical topics in the vein of DEAD EMBRYONIC CELLS, ALTERED STATE and INFECTED VOICE.

Musically there is some small ties to the sound of early SEPULTURA, but realistically the sound is more atune to bands like VADER and OBITUARY. The vocals are of the death growl variety and clearly influenced by mid-to-late nineties DEATH releases. INDYUS definitely play like a seasoned outfit, and the songs on offer are mostly winners, for example ASHES OF DYSTOPIA and THEORIES, two songs that will have you moshing your brains out in no time flat. There are a couple of tracks on the album that didn’t stick too well with me, like the industrial inspired song THE DILLEMA which really sounds out of place here. Another thing that appealed to me was that the band, while obviously very professional and talented, don’t seem to take themselves too seriously, a fact made evident by the band photo on the inlay of the album which shows all of the guys pulling a funny face, and one of them even has a finger up his nose. On the band’s myspace page you can find another couple of photos in the same vein. If you are a fan of late nineties thrashy death metal, ASHES OF DYSTOPIA has the potential to be your favorite album of the year. Support the underground guys, check out INDYUS now!!

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 8/10

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