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Rise To Fall – Restore The Balance

Released By : Coroner Records

Genre: Modern Melodeath

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Dalay Tarda – Vocals

Hudo Markaida – Guitar

Javier Martin – Guitar

Inigo Lopez – Bass

Txamo – Drums


1. Redrum

2. unknown Presence

3. Inner Scream

4. Rise From Drama

5. Prophet Of Doom

6. Infected Wounds

7. Forbidden Lullaby

8. When The Instinct…

9. …Kills The Reason

10. My Sombre Prospect

11. Chasing Infinity

Okay then, there is a simple way to tell whether this album is for you or not. The question is DO YOU LIKE SOILWORK? – If the answer is a big NO, then I suggest you move along to something else. But on the other hand if you answered a big fat YES, then to put it simply, go and get this album now.

Yes, so the SOILWORK comparison runs very strongly throughout this entire album, but hey, SOILWORK are the current kings of this genre, so if you can emulate what they do and still release something that’s quite enjoyable why wouldn’t you.

The balance between the growl vocals and the clean choruses seems even enough and some of the choruses on the album, especially REDRUM and INFECTED WOUNDS are actually quite catchy and memorable. The guitar sound that the band have gone for is very bass-heavy and with all the downtuned stuff, every now and then things get a little muddy, but that never lasts long once the clean vocals come in and the melody takes over.

RISE TO FALL are a great pick up for Coroner Records, as they definitely have the potential to garner some world wide success. All it will depend on now is much exposure these guys get as the music, the songwriting, the production and the album artwork are all world class.

If you’re a fan of the genre and have yet to discover RISE TO FALL, prepare to be excited, as they are the best band of this style to come along in a long time. Recommended.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating 8/10

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