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Gone Til Winter – Gone Til Winter [E.P]

Released By : Headroom Records

Genre : Gothic Metal

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Talena – Vocals

Jonathan – Guitar

Shirezy – Bass

Oli – Drums

Nathan – Keyboard


1. Constant Retreat

2. Hear Me

3. Violated Within

4. Ultimate Reality

5. Twilight Heart

6. Nameless Cry

GONE TIL WINTER are one of the new breed of female fronted goth rock/metal bands that are vying for your attention. This self-titled mini album is the second release from the band following an E.P in 2006 titled DECONSTRUCT THE SEASON. I must admit I’m not too impressed by this release as I feel that the vocalist isn’t quite up to scratch. She’s not awful or any thing like that, but it’s more the fact that in the goth metal genre there are so many world class singers that Talena gets lost in the mix.

The songwriting is of a high caliber and musically most of these tracks would fit right into an album by genre dominators EVANESCENCE, but it’s not quite enough to save the release. There is some very competent riffing to be found in tracks like HEAR ME and TWILIGHT HEART, two songs that could help the band realize it’s hopes of getting somewhere.

I’m not sure what the answer is here, and hey, all opinions are subject to disagreements but for me personally GONE TIL WINTER should seek out a new singer and come back all guns blazing.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 6/10

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