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JPT Scare Band – Acid Blues Is The White Man’s Burden

Released By : Ripple Music

Genre: Heavy Psych/Acid Blues

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Terry Swope – vocals, Guitar

Paul Grigsby – Bass, Vocals

Jeff Littrell – Drums


1. Long Day

2. Not My Fault

3. Death Letter 2001

4. Stone House Blues

5. I’ve Been Waiting

6. Acid Blues Is The White Man’s Burden

7. Amy’s Blue Day

Over the last decade or so there seems to have been so many obscure and out-of-print albums from the seventies and almost each individual release has been touted as an undiscovered gem etc.. etc..    With so many of the releases of late, it would be easy to assume that the well is drying up and each new find should be met with extreme caution. For the most part the assumptions are unwarranted as there is still a fairly large amount of these type of releases that deserve a second life.

Enter this new archive release from JPT SCARE BAND, a group that could have been massive had their cards been dealt a little differently and as far as cult acts from the seventies go, these guys have to be just about the most respected and heralded group to have never had any commercial success. ACID BLUES is actually the seventh archive release from the band since 1994, and across various labels really have released some unearthed masterpieces. JPT recently signed a deal with upstart indie label RIPPLE MUSIC and this is the labels first release, and what a way to start.

Album opener LONG DAY is the most accessible song of the collection and even though is runs into the seven minute running time, it is still about as stock standard as the band have ever sounded. It’s an interesting tune that gives way to the more Psych stuff that fills the rest of the disc. NOT MY FAULT is slower paced blues-tinged number that is custom made for some mellow chill time if you know what I mean. DEATH LETTER 2001 is more along the lines of hat you would usually hear from JPT and fuses a few different elements into a very spooky sounding tune. STONE HOUSE BLUES is a ten minute jam fest will make fans of CREAM and JIMI HENDRIX reminisce about the good old days of the power trio jam band. I”VE BEEN WAITING is a much heavier song that compares to early day BLACK SABBATH due to its pure intensity and downtrodden backbone. ACID BLUES IS THE WHITE MAN’S BURDEN is a much more straightforward blues track that still wins points for a great jam-out about half way through the song. Closing track AMY’S BLUE DAY is another great improv-type blues jam that really showcases what a talent this group was back in the day.

For those of you into the psych-blues of guys like HENDRIX and CLAPTON, this new archive release of never before heard versions will certainly be enough to please you. Even thought JPT keep finding more and more stuff from the vault, it would seem that the well hasn’t dried up yet and hopefully RIPPLE MUSIC can get busy creating the bands next compilation. The album comes in high-quality digipak with a great informative booklet, but you can also get a double vinyl version that features an extra two bonus tracks.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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