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Panic Cell – Fire It Up

Released By : Undergroove Records

Genre: Alt. Metal

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Luke Bell – Vocals

Harj Virdee – Guitar

Nathan Wood – Guitar

Bobby Town – Bass

Rob Hicks – Drums


1. Burden Inside

2. Unbroken

3. Lie To Me

4. Splitting Skulls

5. To Die For Love

6. Jaded

7. Down To The Next Time

8. Black Juice

9. Right Here Waiting

10. Forever

11. To Die For Lust

Since their debut album in 2004, U.K Alt.Metal act PANIC CELL have been flying well and truly under the radar. Even though their second album, 2007’s WHAT DOESN’T KILL US was very well received by critics and fans alike, major recognition and success has still managed to be a fingertip away. But with the bands new album titled FIRE IT UP, it may just be time for PANIC CELL to take the next step.

This is definitely the best work the band have done to date, and it’s obvious that their relentless touring schedule has helped them master their craft and album three seems to be the winning ticket as far as song writing goes. Vocalist LUKE BELL seems to have been working on his singing, as he is sounding more polished than ever with a great alt. metal voice that sounds like a cross between DISTURBED’S  David Dramain and STAIND’S Aaron Lewis. For those that are up until now unfamiliar with the music of PANIC CELL, the best comparison I can give is DISTURBED, mixed with a little bit of STAIND and SEVENDUST and a tiny little pinch of PANTERA. The dual guitar attack is working great on FIRE IT UP and both guitarists have managed to include so awesome riffs and lead breaks.

Opening track BURDEN INSIDE has a little bit of less-heavy MUDVAYNE feel to it in the verses, with a kick-ass chorus straight from the DISTURBED songbook. UNBROKEN is being released as a single and it’s easy to see why, it’s a very catchy song with a huge groove that hints at some DIMEBAG riffery, mixed into an Alt. Metal vibe that would sit perfectly into any airplay rotation at any modern rock radio network. TO DIE FOR LOVE is what STAIND would sound like if they were a little more aggressive and is yet another catchy as hell songs that should be on the radio. BLACK JUICE has an awesome groove in the verses that makes way for a chorus that reminds me of FLAW and would probably the highlight of the album for me.

With FIRE IT UP, the boys from PANIC CELL should climb up to the next level on the ladder, the album is custom made for fans of DISTURBED, STAIND, SEVENDUST and other bands of that ilk and deserves to be heard far and wide. I expect to hear a couple of these songs on heavy radio rotation at some stage later in the year.   Very Highly Recommended.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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