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The Grotesquery – Tales Of The Coffin Born

Released By : Cyclone Empire Records

Genre : Death Metal

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Master K Lee – Vocals

Herr R Johansson – Guitar

Master J Berglung – Bass

Notorius B Helgetun – Drums


1. Coffin Born

2. This Morbid Child

3. That Thing Which Lurks In Shadows

4. Necromantic Ways

5. The Terrible Old Man

6. Sins Of His Father

7. Spirits Of The Undead

8. Nightmares Made Flesh

9. Sepulcher Macabre

10. Fall Of The House Of Grotesque

THE GROTESQUERY are a new band on the Death Metal scene that could surely be only described as a supergroup. A supergroup featuring KAM LEE from MASSACRE and BONE-GNAWER and ROGGA JOHANSEN who has had something to do with a whole heap of successful Swedish Death Metal projects and is a very well respected figurehead in the Death Metal scene.

The group was carefully put together to create RALES OF THE COFFIN BORN, a Death Metal concept album

With a storyline inspired by the writing styles of H.P LOVECRAFT and EDGAR ALLEN POE. The concept is loosely translated as a story about what sort of sordid things a desperate man will do to save his ‘coffin born’ son. Things like performing black magic, and agreeing to kill a person for each year of his son’s life, all the while his son is becoming death incarnate.   The story is amazingly well written and is told through the song’s lyrics as well as a spoken intro to each song explaining what’s going on. Whilst the story has a few interesting twists & turns it never gets too confusing and is pretty easy to follow.

Musically, this is traditional Death Metal done in a mid to slow tempo with some ball-tearing riffs and growled vocals that do a great job of creating a spooky atmosphere but are still easily understandable without the lyrics in front of you.

As this is a concept album, it’s quite hard to pick a favorite track, but at a stretch I would make a special mention of SINS OF HIS FATHER, and the ever so slightly melodic SEPULCHER MACABRE.

People that don’t like heavily storied concept albums are advised to move along, but if you’re into any form of traditional death metal and like things that are a bit different, TALES OF THE COFFIN BORN may just well be one of the best things you hear all year. Highly recommended!!

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 9/10

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