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Circle II Circle – Consequence Of Power

Released by AFM Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Power Metal



Line Up:

Zachary Stevens (vocals)

Mitch Stewart (bass)

Andy Lee (guitars)

Johnny Osborn (drums)


01. Whispers In Vain

02. Consequence Of Power

03. Out Of Nowhere

04. Remember

05. Symptoms Of Fate

06. Mirage

07. Episodes Of Mania

08. Redemption

09. Take Back Yesterday

10. Anathema

11. Blood Of An Angel

We welcome back Zak Stevens the charismatic former Savatage front man back to the scene with his brainchild Circle II Circle now releasing their 5th studio album titled “Consequence of Power”.  I have to firmly honest about the last few CIIC records because I was not very impress with the quality and the direction in which the band was heading, wether they we’re getting tired of following the same sound as in their much praised debut “Watching In Silence” or not but on their new offering any evidence of their first record is far gone past it’s bridges and the new sound here is more straight ahead progressive metal I guess? I’m not sure how to describe it here because one of the reasons why I liked CIIC so much in the past was because of Stevens melo-dramatic symphonic set pieces in the compounds of previous past songs from the group. Things have changed here quite a bit.

The first 2 openers “Whispers In Vain” and the title track sound similar in style but again is more of a straight ahead and rather less amusing guitar riffs from what we come to expect from Zak and company. “Out Of Nowhere” has a more modern hard rock sound partially speaking, with a more appealing guitar solo that made me keep up. The more melodic approach in “Episodes of Mania” sounds more reinvigorating then the top half of the record as Stevens matches the creeping approach of the bass with a tour de force with a potent and more enigmatic approach. The more outstanding track here would probably be “Take Back Yesterday” with a punishing galloping approach sounding more catchy then anything else on the record. Is a shame too because they could of use this formula to spark some of the other less impressing tracks. To end the record on a classy touch is the power ballad “Blood Of An Angel” which hits the right mark in terms of quality with Steven’s soaring vocals topping the highlight.

I don’t want to beat the dead horse over with what has been thrown out there over and over again by some fans of Savatage and Circle II Circle, but the truth to me is that I think both Zak and John Oliva are probably better off sitting down and joining forces and bringing back Savatage as a joint venture, both guys are immensely talented and still have great voices. With so many side projects keeping them so busy maybe they’ve lost track of what the fans really want, no I’m not saying this release is garbage because is not, anything with Zak’s voice in it is worthy a listen, but the quality of material has slowly dropped by release and the same can be said for Jon Oliva’s Pain. Recommended for fans of CIIC but not essential as the magic touch of the first few records has been forgotten here.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   6/10

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