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Darkwater – Where Stories End

Released by Ulterium Records

Release Date: November 12th, 2010

Genre: Progressive Metal



Line Up:

Henrik Båth – Vocals, Guitars

Markus Sigfridsson – Rhytm and lead guitars

Simon Andersson – Bass

Tobias Enbert – Drums

Magnus Holmberg – Keyboards


01. Breathe

02. Why I bleed

03. Into the cold

04. A fools utopia

05. Queen of the night

06. In the blink of an eye

07. Fields of sorrow

08. Without a sound

09. Walls of deception

It has been a couple of years since Darkwater hit the scene with their debut “Calling The Earth To Witness” which laid some groundwork as a solid breakthrough debut for the Swedes. The band then was able to balance the timeless formula of metal and enough progressive metal elements along with great melodies ala Circus Maximus or Redemption but not as heavy overall as those 2 bands.  I know by now we don’t need to restate how many of these progressive metal bands come out each year trying to leave a mark, but as hard as it is to play this genre it’s twice as hard to create something original since so much material has been already covered. Such is the task for the guys of Darkwater now with their sophomore release “Where Stories End”.

Although the vocals of Henrik Båth may not reach peaks of greatness as other progressive metal greats,what he doe sis provide a sharp coil entwinement of carefully arranged verses and along with the focus on the music itself the band has manufactured some easily flowing songs with plenty of keyboard driven mood swings and bleak moments to keep you induced. “Why I  Bleed” jumps at you when you hear the chorus line and the intricate chords played throughout. I wanted to compare Henrik Båth’s voice in “Into The Cold” to Daniel Gildenlöw’s of Pain of Salvation here, an eerie comparison not only in the vocals but in the main riff that dominates the intrinsic rhythm bass. More heavy filled emotions fly by when “Fields of Sorrow” grinds it’s way through a spiral of strong moments.

Can’t say enough about the quality punched into this giant carousel of feelings and trivulations that one hears through Darkwater’s music, from the beautifully haunting keyboard passages to the bellowing voice of Båth, these guys have shown a maturity that some bands only dream of.  A welcome breath of fresh air not seen this year in the progressive metal world since the release by Aspera earlier this year. What we have here is a complete work of expression that must be heard to truly appreciate and I recommend it to any fans of progressive music in general.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   9/10

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