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100 Knives Inside – Moral Fabrication E.P

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Progressive Deathcore

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Martin Salskov – Bass

Thomas Hoff – Guitar

Simon Jacobsen – Vocals

Nikolaj Lauszus – Drums

Zalan Khattak – Guitar, Vocals


1. Anima In Process

2. Adulteration Of Principles

3. ?

4. New Blood Transfusion

5. Distorted View By The Hour

Core music in all of its various incarnations has taken a bit of a beating over the last few years. I guess it’s become the hair metal of this generation in the fact that people are starting to move on and has quickly become a genre that is loved by scenesters, and abhorred by anyone that is supposedly into real metal. I’m glad to say that I have never been one to follow trends and have been known to like and enjoy some terribly uncool bands in the past. My love/hate relationship with all things ‘core has had nothing to do with trends but more to do with the fatct that there has been so many same sounding bands coming out that finding good ones has become a bit of a task.

100 KNIVES INSIDE are the latest band that I have discovered in the field of core, and while most will be quick to just label them metalcore or deathcore, the truth is that the band has many folds and really have started the proves of carving out their own sound and therefore their own slice of the genre. While comparisons to DEVIL WEARS PRADA and ALL THAT REMAINS are unavoidable, there is also a strong slice of traditional death metal to be found within, and while the progressive elements fall a little short of being mathcore, they are certainly a good way to show that they have the chops to go along with the aggression. While bands like ALL THAT REMAINS have started to tone down the agro as time goes by, 100 KNIVES INSIDE feed you with non-stop intensity and remind you just how powerful music in this style can be when done correctly.

For a self-released E.P, MORAL FABRICATION certainly entertains, and if this is a sing of what the band has coming up consider me not just curious, but also quite excited.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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