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Hour Of Shame – Hour Of Shame E.P

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Alt. Rock,  Post Grunge

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James Shame – Vocals

Smokey – Guitar

Mowhawk – Bass

Bryan – Drums


1. Breathe

2. Let Go

3. Innocent Disease

4. Entrenched

5. Cauterize

6. Let Go (Radio Edit)

HOUR OF SHAME are a relatively new band that call Ohio, USA their home. Since forming a very short time ago in early 2009 their accolades are already piling up and would be the envy of a lot bands that are less than two years old. They have already played support slots for bands such as MUSHROOMHEAD, ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS and IT DIES TODAY among others and also played a part in the VH1 sponsored GET YOUR ROCK ON tour when it stopped in Ohio. Definitely an impressive resume for such a young band, but with such good credentials comes the expectation to be something special.

I’m not quite yet convinced that HOUR OF SHAME are smoothing special, but I am willing to concede that the ability they have shown with this E.P in such early days is a great start and the band definitely have the potential to break into a rather large market. While the band claims that they don’t want to be pigeonholed into a genre, they actually tread down a pretty familiar path. Yes there are some interesting elements that break the overall sound up a little bit, but in reality they play a slightly edgy representation of radio-friendly modern rock that bears some similarities to STAIND, TRAPT, HOOBASTANK and a few other bands in this style. The variation comes in the form of some obvious influence from the Seattle grunge days and there is certainly times when the band reminded me of ALICE IN CHAINS and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS. There is also the harder edge that brings to mind some of the less aggressive moments shown by DISTURBED.

As expected, the lead off single LET GO is the pick of the bunch here and is actually featured twice. The radio edit is the better version and is a more concise track that sticks around just long enough before it gets too repetitive or obtrusive. The truth of the matter is that this song, along with a couple of others are right in the STONE TEMPLE PILOTS groove, and I feel personally that these tunes are better than most of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS latest album, which will surely give HOUR OF SHAME some confidence going forward.

I must admit that I don’t really see anything original or unique about the sound provided by HOUR OF SHAME, but for anyone that longs for the days of shoulder length hair, flannel shirts and ripped jeans give this one a go immediately.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 6/10

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