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Scent Of Remains – Mind. Thought. Fear

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Groove Metal

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Herb Himes – Lead Guitar

Daniel Fischer – Vocals

Paul Shippers – Drums

Luc Nuyyten – Guitar

Jeremy Powers – Bass


1. Anger Rising

2. No Excuses

3. Shell

4. Execution On The Conspirators

5. Beaten Down

6. Blood Red Hate

7. Megabused

8. Jaundiced Eye

9. Uno Mas Tiempo

I am truly staggered by the amount of new bands I have heard this year, so many more than previous years that it’s not even funny. I guess this is the blessing and curse of being a part-time music reviewer. The blessing is in discovering fresh new bands and being able to rave about them before most others even know they exist, the curse is that for every great new band I discover, there are five or six that really aren’t ready to be exposed to reviewers and other media for whatever reason.

New East Tennessee band SCENT OF REMAINS certainly fit into the first category and for a group that has only been around since 2009 they are certainly a far bit above where they should be and actually have the sound of a band with many years up their sleeves. The main element of the sound on the album can be classed as groove metal, but there are some little flashes of so many different styles that there is always a surprise waiting around the corner when you least expect it. Though the songwriting and musical abilities of the entire band is displayed in an obvious high quality, special mention must be made of lead vocalist Daniel Fischer. Fischer has a handful of different sounding voices that he can alternate between with ease, and it is this quality that really helps the band stand on their own two feet. Most of the time the differentiating vocals bounce off each other with much success, for instance, you can hear a bit of Dave Mustain type sneering, but then in the same song hear some Chuck Billy inspired modern death metal vocals, never too harsh to be in the cookie monster category, but harsh enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand at full attention. There is the odd occasion where Fischer’s pure clean register struggles a bit, but I am more than willing to let that slide when compared to the high quality of the rest of album’s vocals.

To get a good idea on what the band is all about, look no further than opening track ANGER RISING, which has many of the elements that make up the bands sound and is a modern metal gem. Other highlights come often, with tracks such as SHELL, BEATEN DOWN, BLOOD RED HATE and JAUNDICED EYE all worthy of some serious attention.

SCENT OF REMAINS’ sound is a fresh take on the modern groove metal formula that takes plenty of influence from some of the monsters of the metal genre across all eras and sub-styles, and their new album MIND THOUGHT FEAR is definitely worth checking out if your looking for something a little different but not wanting to stray too far away from the standard groove metal formula.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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