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Seven Day Sonnet – Reprisal

Released By : Big Time Records

Genre : Modern Rock / Alt. Rock

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1. All Fall Down

2. The Butcher

3. Preach To Me

4. I Am The Sun

5. Head First

6. Saturdays

7. Jamie

8. Just In Time

9. Sold Your Soul

10. New Shoes

11. A Solitary Existence

Even though SEVEN DAY SONNET have only been on the scene since forming in 2008, these alt-metallers have already had the honor of filling support slots for bands like KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, LACUNA COIL, CHIMAIRA, SPINESHANK and DISTURBED.For an as yet unsigned band to have played with groups of this magnitude is generally unheard of these days and just goes to show how good they are.

REPRISAL is the band’s first offering to the record buying public and will surely garner enough interest to get them signed to a label, hell if I had a label I’d sign them up today.  Musically the sound sits somewhere in the middle of the angsty chugging alt-metal of groups like DISTURBED and SOIL, and the more melodic and catchy modern rock of bands like STAIND and BREAKING BENJAMIN, and just like similar bands that come to mind like CHEVELLE and TAPROOT, these guys are all class and ready-made hit making machines.

As soon as the album starts we get a bit of a crazy guitar solo that gives way in to a monster track in ALL FALL DOWN. THE BUTCHER was a very early highlight for me and remains my favorite track on the album. HEAD FIRST had a very familiar sounding groove to it, but was good enough to have me moving along. The band slows things down slightly for the moody and emotive SATURDAYS, which features a stand-out vocal from frontman Ben VanBuskirk. Another late highlight comes in SOLD YOUR SOUL, which is a dead ringer for BREAKING BENJAMIN and has a chorus that mixes clean and screamed vocals perfectly and is a good showcase of how powerful the band can be when they choose to.

The alt-rock/metal genre is a bit flooded at the moment, with a heap of bands doing a very similar thing, SEVEN DAY SONNET don’t really bring anything new to the table to help them stick out from the pack, but what they do offer up is of a very high quality and certainly as good as anything that the major players of the style are offering up. Hopefully there is enough room for these guys to claim their much deserved slice of the pie.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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