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Forlorn Shelter – Burning Soul E.P

Released By : Self Released

Genre: Groove Metal

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1. Pain

2. I Am the one

3. Strife

4. Between The Law And The Landlord (Demo)

5. Into The Void (Live ’08)

Normally when one thinks of music from the Netherlands, images of Prog Metal or Glam Rock immediately come to mind, but new Netherlands based band FORLORN SHELTER couldn’t be any further away from these styles if they tried. The music offered up on their second E.P BURNING SOUL is of the groove metal variety, inspired by those that came before them like PANTERA, latter day SEPULTURA and maybe even some SKINLAB.

It is obvious however that the band have done their homework in this style as the E.P as a whole is a quite affective and powerful release that will certainly open some doors in the future.  Since the split of the almighty PANTERA, and then of course the untimely passing of the late and legendary DIMEBAG, there has been a large gulf in the metal landscape that nobody has even come close to filling.  Now, don’t get me wrong FORLORN SHELTER are not going to be THE band to do this, but they are one of the only bands around these days that are playing Groove Metal as it sounded toward the end of nineties, a sound I’m sure that many people miss just as much as I do.

Vocalist Ben Dautzenberg must surely count Phil Anselmo as his main influence, as he has a similar voice and even sports a shaved head. PAIN is the better of the three main tracks on the E.P and is a great introduction for anyone yet to hear this band and mixes PANTERA and SEPULTURA grooves perfectly. The demo track and live track are a nice touch as far as value for money, but I would have much rathered swap those two tracks for one more proper full track.

FORLORN SHELETER are certainly on the right track at the moment, and the BURNING SOUL E.P has done its job, it’s made me curious about the band and anxious to hear a full album release from them.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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