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Forthangel – Silver Bullets E.P

Released by : Self Released

Genre : Modern Metal, Alt. Metal

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Scott Fuller – Vocals, Guitar

Mike Fuller – Drums

Adam Bruce – Guitar

Wes Hendrickson – Bass

Eli Evenson – Keyboards


1. From The Deepest Part Of Me

2. Silver Bullets

3. Broken Home

4. Story Of The World

5. White Light

6. Believe

I heard FORTHANGEL’S debut E.P IN THE END around the time of its release in 2009, and while I thought is way decent enough, I didn’t really walk away from it wanting to hear it again or to hear more about the band.

Recently however, I heard through the grapevine that the band was releasing another E.P and the general vibe was that the band had improved significantly. I must admit that this certainly did pique my interest enough to request a copy of the new E.P SILVER BULLETS from the band.

Boy am I glad I did! SILVER BULLETS is everything that I wanted to first E.P to be, and the mixture of Alt. Metal and some ‘Core stuff topped off with a buttload of melodic goodness has really worked this time and has definitely left me desperate for a full length album. The extra attention to the production and overall presentation hasn’t hurt either.

The best way I can describe what I hear when I listen to FORTHANGEL is a cross between FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES and SEETHER. I know that there has been a fair bit of dislike for FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES to to their tendencies to be a bit on Emo side of things, but they are a band I really like and I hear some similarities here mainly in things like song structures. This does not by any means though, mean that FORTHANGEL could be mistaken for being Emo, as this is clearly not at all the case.

I really enjoyed FROM THE DEEPEST PART OF ME, after the intro part, which didn’t really grab me by the way, the song moves in to a very groovy Alt. Metal vibe with some great post-hardcore backing vocals that almost sound out of place but still add enough to be worthwhile. The title track SILVER BULLETS is certainly the meat and potatoes of the E.P, a mix between SEVENDUST and DISTURBED, and a great song that should single-handedly help the band find a good deal from at least a semi-major label. BROKEN HOME features a great lyric and is a pretty classy song all-round. STORY OF THE WORLD continues the class and is another song that should be used as a showcase for the band’s songwriting abilities. WHITE LIGHT makes the most of the dual-vocals and should definitely be a mosh pit favorite. The E.P ends on BELIEVE, which is a much slower song that is a bit of an Alt. Metal ballad, and really shows frontman Scott Fuller to be a genuine vocalist and not just some backyard metalcore screamer.

I was genuinely surprised and impressed by everything I heard on SILVER BULLETS and I have no hesitation in recommending FORTHANGEL to any fans of DISTURBED, SEVENDUST, FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES, STAIND, SEETHER and any other metal fans in general that like some class and melody to go with their heaviness. Yes, every member of this band is pulling their weight and each of them certainly deserve their spot, but I must make another special mention of vocalist Scott Fuller, who has one of the best Alt. Metal voices I’ve personally heard in a long time and can definitely help move the band forward.  I am urgeing everyone that reads this review to go and have a listen to this band. Let’s all get behind them and make sure they get the recognition they deserve

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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