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Ghosthill – Embrace Of A Chasm

Released By : Fono Records

Genre : Power Metal

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Mira – Vocals

Val – Guitar

Nick – Guitar

Leo – Bass

Hia – Keys

John – Drums


1. A Billion Years Of Torments

2. The Last Dimension

3. Cyclonic Death

4. The Mist

5. Silent Night

6. Titanic Heroes

7. Down The Dark River

8. Embrace Of  A Chasm

9. Stronger Than Fire

10. Vigilante Forest

GHOSTHILL are a new female fronted power metal band hailing from Kaliningrad which is located on the western side of Russia. They play a very traditional style of euro power metal bit with the twist of a female singer. While the band do show some genuine ability in the power metal songwriting sense of things, it’s going to be hard for them to really rise because there a just so many bands these days doing a similar thing but doing it better.

Having a female vocalist may just be the novelty the band needs to stick out from the pack, but even that probably won’t be their saving grace. The musicianship is quite impressive throughout, with only a couple of little lead break sections that seemed a little bit out of time. Apart from that though, each member of the band seems to be very proficient in their chosen instrument. I was a bit hesitant at first with Mira’s lead vocals and I still think they could be a bit better, but I have always had some reservations with female metal singers so if a take that into account I’d say most people that enjoy chick singers will find something to enjoy out if this.

THE LAST DIMENSION, SILENT NIGHT and STRONGER THAN FIRE seem to be the best of the bunch, and all feature some form of power metal greatness, but for every great moment there are also too many instances where the songs sound very similar to a lot of other power metal tunes I’ve heard, especially in the recycled riffing department where I could swear some of these riffs have been recorded by other bands first.

I know I’ve sounded pretty negative about this album, and I do have my reasons. Still though, if you are a die hard power metal fan you will certainly enjoy much of this disc, and if you are a keen follower of female vocalists like I know a lot of people are, Mira will be certain to make you happy most of the time. I would still like hear another from GHOSTHILL as I think with a little bit of improvement they could be a pretty powerful force in female fronted metal.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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